Boys, ewww!


10 August 2005

I overheard a pregnant woman talking to a group of other women today, discussing child names. They were all suggesting female names, that being the gender the pregnant woman was clearly hoping her unborn child would be. Eventually, after she’d settled on a girl’s name, the pregnant woman guffawed obnoxiously and declared:

“Knowing my luck it’ll probably be a boy! A dirty little boy, who’ll spend all his time playing with dirt and eating worms. Ewww!”

The others laughed and shuddered with horror.

I didn’t bother injecting myself into this conversation with my feelings towards their anti-male rot, because only a violent slap or two would have summoned up my feelings, and this in turn would have summoned the police.

Seriously, this woman is pregnant, there’s a 50/50 chance of it being a boy, yet she is disgusted at the idea of it being male. Horrified even!

Not only that, but she was so casual in her contempt (see previous post about Unconscious Misandry below), and the other cackling witches all merrily joined in with the belief of boys being “dirty” and worm-eaters, even though surely one or two must have had a son or brother themselves.

Now to be fair, a lot of fathers-to-be do wish their first child to be a son, but I’ve never known one who would gag with disgust should it be a daughter. I’ve never heard a man say “I hope the missus doesn’t have a girl, ewwww, girls!!”

(Just as an aside, on the subject of women not being as nurturing as they claim to be, am I the only person who is never surprised when, upon hearing SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! in a supermarket or similar public place, accompanied by a child shrieking in agony, it turns out to be a woman belting the fuck out of the child? And that the screaming child is invariably a boy? And that the loving mother usually smacks the sobbing boy a few more times for daring to cry? I’ve never seen a man hit a child in public, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman hit a girl either. Boys, it seems, are fantastic and convenient punching bags for mothers. Why not? I mean, “boys…ewww!” But I digress…)

Is it any wonder why men don’t want to get married and raise families with modern Western women these days? The unfair divorce laws and the massive inflation of women’s material expectations are the primary reasons, but on a more child-orientated note, who would honestly want to have children with the tattooed binge-drinking men-haters that pass for females these days?

I hope that the pregnant woman mentioned in the first paragraph of this post has a son, and I hope that the claim that babies can detect their mother’s feelings and emotions in the womb are true, and that he gets his revenge! I hope he shits over her fucking hands everytime she changes his nappy, I hope he pukes semi-digested milk over her face whenever she picks him up, I hope his first words are “Your bum looks huge in that dress mummy!” That’ll learn ya!

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 4:57 PM

At 2:21 PM, TestSubjectXP said…

At my previous job, my manager was talking about her son in the breakroom, who I believe it about 2-years-old, and said, “Well, I’m raising a man, so I might as well learn to hate him sooner or later.”


It’s going to cost women in the end, though. Emotionally arrested men raised by that attitude won’t be capable of feeling compassion for women. They won’t have a conscience.

Oh well.


At 3:56 AM, Rob said…

You’re right dude, boys who grow up with misandrist (sp?) moms will just grow up to be mysogonists and hate women as much as they’re moms hate men.


At 2:54 PM, Jim said…

I read that up to half of all Cot Deaths – or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome – are suspect, that it is possibly a case of the mother killing the child. For reasons no-one can explain, 70%, of all cot deaths are of male babies. Looks like some women hate boys so much they’ll kill their own.


At 11:12 PM, murmiko said…

hmm, interesting, 70% infant deaths are boys !!!
And I am not even remotely surprised.


At 1:16 AM, Callum Phoenix said…

Great post man.
I found that convo between those women about not wanting boys etc. agonizing. Nothing made me angrier and more depressed than the idea of mothers rejecting their babies because they were boys. Nothing at all.


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