Child charged with molesting teenager

01 August 2005

14-year-old molests 8-year-old; younger child is charged with ‘lewd conduct’


Sounds stupid, eh? A kid being charged with victimizing someone almost twice his age. But given that the 8-year-old was male and the 14-year-old female, what else do you expect? How could they possibly charge a divine and pure female with a crime when there’s a male around to charge?

The charges were dropped, but it goes to show how pro-feminist Western societies are these days and how there’s a complete refusal to accept that females can ever do anything wrong. It’s like the stories of young boys being charged with sexual harassment for trying to kiss girls in their class, or the sickening case of a 13-year-old boy forced to pay child support to the bitch who molested him the previous year (that’s how “independent” and “strong” women are these days, they actually need to be supported by children!)

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 12:41 PM


At 1:30 AM, Callum Phoenix said…

This stuff is abhorrent. Evil is the word I’d use to describe this inhumanity towards boys. Its FUCKING disgusting! Please excuse my language.


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