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03 August 2005

Health Worries Preoccupy Men


I’m amazed the feminist-owned BBC gives a shit about men’s health, but they did come up with this article. It’s full of the usual patronizing crap.

“There’s a myth out there that men aren’t worried about their health, but actually they are.”

There is no fucking myth “out there” it’s just that men have always worried about their health but no-one else has noticed or cared, least of all a government that pumps a fortune into women’s health issues whilst doing little for men’s health. Every bloody day seems to be Breast Cancer Awareness Day. You don’t see anything for Prostate Cancer even though it kills as many men as Breast Cancer kills women. Us men should have more spent on our health than women in fact, as we make more of a contribution to society, contribute more taxes, invent things, provide for children, defend the nation, etc.

Ms. Hughes added: “It is clear that many of the changes taking place – particularly in family and working life – have challenged traditional male roles, which seems to have left many feeling they lack direction.”

No, the changes haven’t “challenged traditional male roles”. They’ve just made them more challenging through hypocrisy. Namely, women entering the workplace but not shifting their weight and wanting things like maternity leave and career breaks, and working women still expecting husbands to be the primary breadwinner, which has left fewer jobs for men yet still the old demand for us to provide for the greedy female gender and support a bloated and increasingly anti-male government. We’re not lacking direction either, men are just forced into going in the same direction as always – work, provide for family, possible divorce and financial destitution, work some more, die.

That’s why more and more men are finding a new direction, our own, and it doesn’t involve slaving away to provide for an ungrateful wife.

Still, I wouldn’t expect anything but patronizing drivel from a woman who uses the title “Ms.” Any woman who introduces herself with the title “Ms.” should be ignored and disregarded out of hand. Either that or deliberately call her “Miss”, and if she angrily corrects you by shouting “It’s MUZZZZ!” then you have my permission to slap her:

“Bad feminist, no doggie biscuit for you!”

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