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02 August 2005

Sexist bosses may lose out on public contracts


In other words, companies that refuse to employ women even if they are not qualified or experienced enough for the job will be punished. Nevermind the fact that women do not usually make it to the top of the career ladder because they don’t have to, because they usually find a gullible hubby to provide for them. Nevermind that women usually choose to work part-time or quit altogether when they find out that the workplace is not as nice as lazing around at home watching daytime television. Nevermind the fact that companies are there to provide a service and make a profit, not to fulfill the Utopian dreams of equality dreamed up by a bunch of feminist nutjobs in Government think-tanks who have never had a proper job in their lives.

“The biggest cause [of the so-called wage gap] is now thought to be gender segregation, with women clustered in low-paid professions such as care assistants and shop workers, while men dominate the lucrative professions, the better-paid manual and semi-skilled jobs.”

Low-paid professions are low-paid because they are easy. Lucrative ones are lucrative because they are hard, and require long hours. Furthermore, jobs in which men dominate (construction workers, electricians, scientists, IT technicians, etc) are highly paid because they are of use to society. The jobs that women dominate (civil servants, Human Resources, womyn studies lecturers, Guardian journalists, hair-stylists, etc) are lower paid because these are of little or no use to society. Of course, feminists would like a female shop worker who does 25-hours a week to be paid the same as a male manual worker who does 50-hours a week in dangerous conditions. Either that or they want the lucrative jobs to made less stressful with flexible working hours and massive maternity benefits to make them nice and easy for women. Subsidised by their harder-working male colleagues, naturally.

Oh, and note the plans (subsidized by tax-payers, naturally) to give women a “second chance” to help them retrain if they went into a low-paid job and regret it (women often take low-paid jobs in the belief that, by the age of 30, some affluent man will marry and provide for them; the chances of that happening are decreasing every day though.) In fact, I wouldn’t mind retraining for a new career, but then, I’m a man, so I guess I’m not worthy of a second chance.

Men pay 80% of taxes in the UK yet the government will only give that back to private companies who discriminate against men. That’s fucking gratitude for you! The mere fact that the government can blackmail companies into fulfilling impractical “gender quotas” (i.e. discrimination against men) by withholding public contracts shows how bloated, intrusive and feminist-dominated the British government is.

“Ministers said they would ensure public authorities considered in a proper, proportionate and relevant manner gender equality issues in the granting of contra…”

Oh, blow it out your pampered, overpaid, feminist arses Ministers. Up yours.

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