31 July 2005

Greetings from me, Duncan Idaho, your friendly blogger.

I’m a 30-year-old bachelor from England and I damn well intend on staying a bachelor. Singlehood is great! From observing those friends of mine who stupidly let themselves be talked into walking down the aisle, matrimony is nothing but hassle for men. It will mean you’re nagged at incessantly (“Take those shoes off! Tramping muddy footprints over my carpet!”), being obliged to share the money you earn with someone who spends all day watching Richard and Judy, and not being the ruler of your own home (how many married men spend most of their time in the shed or down the pub simply because the house that they pay for is “her” territory?) And let’s not forget divorce. About 70% – 80% of divorces are filed by women and for good reason; they get the house, furniture, kids, car, etc, etc, whilst hubby gets financially arse-raped in court and is forced to reward his treacherous wife with child support payments, spousal support/alimony and anything else his ex wants, even if she was the one who dumped him.

Ironically I’m actually pro-family and I believe that, originally, marriage was a good idea. It provided a solid union between a couple and gave each of them obligations and benefits. Children are, generally, better off being bought up by both parents. However, thanks to feminism and the weak willed manginas (pro-feminist men), at the moment, for men…


Seriously, don’t do it guys. Stay single. The divorce laws mean a man is in a better legal position co-habiting or being unattached than being married. We’ve had over four-decades of feminists ranting on about how women are great, how women are so much more intelligent and capable than men, how women don’t need husbands, how marriage is merely domestic slavery, and how men are just so useless and worthless!

Fine. Fair enough ladies. You can damn well support yourselves, pay your own rent and bills and have a happy time living without us “useless men.” Oh, what’s that? Your biological clock is ticking? You don’t like careers after all? You’d rather just do a couple of hours of housework and watch daytime telly whilst some gullible man provides for you? Tough. It doesn’t work like that anymore. Women have discarded their obligation to do housework – fair enough – and now us men are discarding our obligation to provide for women.

Feminists said that marriage is slavery for women. But housewives stay at home and do an hour or two of housework a day, whilst hubby works 40 to 60 hours a week to keep her in shoes and handbags. Whose the fucking slave, eh?

What’s more, the misandry of modern women is vomit inducing. Ask a hundred young women if they agree with the statement “Men are stupid and useless” and you’ll be lucky to get more than half-a-dozen who disagree. Women sit and moan about how much they despise and loath men, only pausing to wonder why they haven’t got one. Also, although women wanted entry to the workplace they’re not keen on granting entry to the home for men. Women are not obliged to stay at home and look after the kids, but 99% assume that, if anyone is going to retire from work and stay at home after the marriage vows have been uttered, it’ll be them. Many married men seem like visitors to their own homes as they spend nearly every waking hour out working to provide for an ungrateful wife.

If feminists truly wanted equality, we would have seen men being encouraged by women to stay at home whilst they earn the bacon. But does this happen? Does it fuck! Don’t believe me? Next time a girlfriend hints at marriage, tell her how you like the idea of marriage too, and how you are looking forward to ditching your job to become a housemaker and full-time parent. Watch her dreamy facial expression turn to one of horror! That’s what she was planning on doing. Also, how many female lawyers, doctors and stockbrokers do you know who would marry a barman, a car mechanic or – gasp – a guy who is unemployed? There are some women who are happy to be the breadwinner, but they are few and far between. Generally, women want to marry “up” and couldn’t bare the thought of marrying a guy who can’t support her should she inevitably decide to quit work and retire to the sofa once her boyfriend has been converted into a husband.

Divorce laws should be bought into the 21st Century. Women who dump their husbands should not be rewarded with the man’s assets. Women have careers now – they’re always claiming they’re so smart and productive – so after divorce they can support themselves. Child Support should be adjusted too. Only men who willingly father children then dump them should be obliged to pay support. Otherwise, women who spawn bastards should be left to fend for themselves. After a marriage breaks down, children should always be handed to the father (unless it is proved he is abusive). The fact that women invariably file for Child Support means that they admit they’re incapable of supporting their own children. The practice of Sperm Banks merrily handing out sperm to single women should be halted too; it is nothing but child abuse for a woman to deliberately deprive a child of a father because she’s too ugly/stupid/selfish/annoying to get a mate.

This blog is for fellow bachelors who refuse to be bullied into tying the knot until divorce laws are bought into the 21st Century and until women grow out of the Princess Syndrome. What is the Princess Syndrome? Well, have you ever seen a 5-year-old girl shout “I WANT! I WANT! ME ME ME ME!” whilst stomping her little feet and pointing at something in a Toy Shop window? That’s the Princess Syndrome. 5-year-old girls can get away with it because, well, they’re children, and too young to realise that being selfish is not a virtue. Bless her little pig-tails! Surely the cheeky scamp will outgrow her tantrums.

Unfortunately, however, many females these days don’t outgrow this syndrome even after they enter adulthood and, although they may not literally stomp their feet, they still shriek with rage should they be denied something, such as a marriage proposal, a job they’re not qualified for or a £950 Gucci handbag. Feminism didn’t teach women they have the right to get everything, it taught women they have the right to be given everything. By men. Marriage. Divorce. Jobs. Welfare benefits. Everything!

Feminism is just a pseudo-intellectual term for women stomping their feet and howling with frustration, impotence and neurotic rage.

So ends this intro.

In short, this blog is for guys who have made the sensible decision to go on the marriage strike and who regard feminists as nothing but a bunch of whining hypocrites who damn well need a big collective punch in their hairy fucking faces.

Naturally I’ll be accused of being a misogynist, because although “misogynist” originally was defined as a hatred of women, in the 21st Century it means “anyone who doesn’t think that women are perfect in every way and who refuses to admit that men are all scum.” I don’t hate women. Women are cool, or at least some still are. My mum is brilliant, my big sister is wonderful and I’d crawl through a field of broken glass with my fly undone before I let anything bad happen to my 9-year-old niece. Individual differences aside, I do not regard females as being intrinsically better or worse than males. In the UK, Europe and the US, however, a generation of boys have been bought up to think that all females are perfect and beyond reproach and that males are stupid, violent and of no use other than being sperm donors and cash-machines.

So, no, I don’t hate women, just the misandric spite-filled ones who hold men in contempt, which naturally includes feminists and even a lot of ‘normal’ non-feminist women. The hypocrisy of the feminist movement is appalling too, with the way they claim women are independent yet still demand child support and alimony for poor defenseless women just one the many contradictions they have. The anti-male bias throughout society sucks too, from the schools that are populated by boy-hating feminist teachers to the television commercials that exclusively show men as dimwitted and clumsy.

As for politics, I’m a libertarian (defined as “one who advocates maximizing individual rights and minimizing the role of the state.” See more at Wikipedia’s article on Libertarianism.) Government is necessary – anarchy simply wouldn’t work – but the only good government is one that tries to minimize it’s intrusion into the private lives of it’s citizens.

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At 10:15 PM, Knight40 said…

Right on brother.


At 5:08 AM, Vinayak said…


My name is Vinayak. I just happened to read your excellent blog at:

Please accept my sincere appreciation

I am part of a group of Indian Males harassed by our wifes and WIFE BIASED / WIFE FAVORING laws in India

These laws and some unscrupulous women are shaking the very foundations of one of our strongest institutions – the Indian family

May I request your permission to post your write up (with credits) on my blog at

Thanks and regards



At 9:10 AM, Swarup said…

This legal terrorism in the name of women well fare. We must get together and take up the matter with anti terrorist forum .

Check this how feminist killing our mother, sister and child in India!!


At 12:42 PM, CruiserDeep said…

Its sad that we have to start vehement about women, but see it this way; there may be girls who are level-headed, don’t stop looking around 🙂 . I am also in trouble because of women, but I am keeping my options open yet!.



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