Marquis De Sade


09 August 2005


The Marquis De Sade (1740-1814) was a complete nutcase. Incarcerated in a damp cell for most of his life, he spent his time either wanking like a crazed chimp or scribbling epic novels full of torture, rape, murder and rambling philosophical tracts.

Amidst all the over-the-top degeneracy in his novel Juliette, there is quite a rousing speech one man gives to a group of others to encourage them to refrain from worshiping a woman too much, and to implore them avoid marriage and all the misery associated with monogamy.

In some ways it’s like an 18th Century call for men to go on the Marriage Strike:

“We must bear it ever in mind that the woman who strives to get us the most inextricably into her captivity is certainly concealing flaws which would rapidly disgust us if we knew what they were…

Undress this idol of your soul, undress her…is it over these two crooked and stubby thighs you propose to rave? Or over this unclean, fetid gulf there they meet? Ah ha, its perhaps this apron of matted hairs hanging untidily between those same thighs that is due to fire your imagination…or else these two flaccid globes drooping flappily onto her naval? These are the wonders your mind battens on, and it is for their sake you sink yourself into a condition lower than the condition of an earthworm?

But what is this? I am mistaken? You are not attracted by any of this, that there are much finer qualities than these that spellbind you? Her personality? It is that traitorous cunning character, those perpetual dishonesties, that lying tongue, that shrewish scolding tone, this voice like a cat’s? Or this whorishness, or this prudery, for woman spends her life in the one or the other of those two extremes. This calumny, this spitefulness, this contrariness, this witless inconsequence, ever nagging, caviling, cawing stupidity…

Oh, my brothers, contemplate a little the host of sorrows passion brings in its wake, the cruel maladies caused by the sufferings it gives, the material expenditures, the loss as well of sleep, of ease, of appetite, of health, the obligatory renunciation of all other pleasures; realizing the gigantic sacrifices it entails, and profiting from all these examples, do as the prudent helsman who steers not for the reef littered with hulks of a thousand shattered vessels.”

Tell it like is Sade!

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 7:39 PM

At 6:40 PM, Knight40 said…

More pure truth, the man was no dummy.


At 5:37 PM, Anonymous said…

Hey, Duncan, where is this quote to be found? I want to save it for posterity.


At 9:46 PM, Anonymous said…



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