Solipsistic or just Terrible?


06 August 2005


1. the belief that all reality is just one’s own imagining of reality, and that one’s self is the only thing that exists.
2. the belief that the self is all that exists

Terrible Twos: Some signs that your toddler is in the terrible twos are temper tantrums, screaming for no reason, banging head on things and plain old not listening.

A woman at work was complaining the other day (now there’s something that women don’t do all that often) about how her boyfriend has not yet proposed to her. I suggested that, as she was clearly the one who wanted marriage, perhaps she should propose to him.

I was met with a blank look. It was beyond her comprehension that she should get down on one knee and beg a guy to marry her, even though she was the one who wanted marriage, not him. Good job I didn’t expand on things and point out that the fact that her boyfriend had not proposed to her after four-years suggested that “he doesn’t want to fucking marry you!!” Such a possibility would not have gone down well, as it implied a man was not to blame for her situation.

I currently rent an apartment, but a few months ago I mentioned that I was considering getting on the property ladder and buy a house. A different female colleague commented “Oooh, you’ll be very eligible then, won’t you?”

I asked why. She said that women liked a man with a house. “Because it saves them buying one themselves?” I smirked. She brazenly said “Yes.” I commented that it was a little old fashioned of her to see it that way, that it was similar to a man saying “You’ll make a very good wife” to a woman who admitted she was good at ironing and cooking.

More blank looks. “That’s a bit sexist,” she said. “I know,” sez I.

I was trying to make the point that seeing a man as just someone to be a provider to support a woman was as sexist as seeing a woman as just someone to be a housekeeper to look after a man.

But she didn’t get it. She just tutted, as all women do when faced with their hypocrisy.

Then, on a wider scale, just look at the effects of the Marriage Strike. Women complaining and moaning at men’s refusal to tie the knot, as if men should marry women just because women demand it.

Given all the other double-standards women have, it made me consider that women are solipsistic in mentality, unable to see another person’s view – especially a man’s.

Then I thought that such an intellectual term may imply some sort of clever cunning and premeditated philisophical decision on their behalf, which is hardly the case for modern Western women, most of whom can’t have a discussion more intellectual than who they think will be evicted from Big Brother next week.

It would be more sensible to suggest that most modern Western women are just perpetually stuck in the Terrible Twos.

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