Unconscious Misandry

05 August 2005

In an interesting article, Perils of the Unconscious Mind, Peter Forde explains the way four-decades of feminism have lead to an unconscious contempt for men that nearly all Western women seem to have. They barely realise it, he suggests, so they not only express dislike and outright hatred for men in a casual manner but don’t notice they’re doing it. This means they act with surprise when – as is happening more and more – men are telling them to fuck off and take their bigotry elsewhere, leaving lots of miserable spinsters who don’t realise why men (“Tut, bloody MEN!!”) don’t want anything to do with them.

I’ve noticed this myself, and indeed I’m sure most guys do. Especially working in a female dominated office.

The other day, a woman whose brother is a Primary School teacher (probably only one of a dozen men in Britain in that dyke-dominated overpaid profession) was saying how much she herself would hate to be a teacher. “It’d be horrible,” she shuddered, “having to deal with all those boys. Ugh.”

She didn’t say “all those children” or “all those boys and girls”…no, it was just the thought of “all those boys” that made her quiver in disgust and contempt. Yet she complains about not having a husband and kids! Who would want to have children with a woman who has such a hatred of boys? What if she has a son? (It could be suggested that boy-hating women may exempt a son from their misandry, but I’ve honestly known women who express contempt and even disgust for boys even though they actually have one of their own.)

Then there was some woman I was chatting to at a party who expressed a desire to be married and “have a few kids,” before adding “but daughters only though, I don’t want sons. Boys are awful, aren’t they?” She was surprised when I just sighed and, without a word, went off to mingle with less annoying people. In today’s London Times supplement, some female columnist was going on about all the police now patrolling the London Underground, but instead of praising their bravery she just took the time to deride the fact that, in her view, most of the policemen seemed to be rather fat (but not the policewomen, who were “very streamlined and fit” she said, as if being overweight was something that never afflicted women; they’re just “big boned” I guess.) I’m sure she’d be very surprised if she discovered some of the policemen risking their lives to protect us from Moslem fanatics were a bit offended by her bitchy comments.

So on women go, making their anti-male remarks as casually as breathing, unaware that us men not only notice but have largely decided to say “See ya” and clear off. We know when we’re not wanted. We also know when we’re wanted back, when we hear the sniveling of spinsters as they wonder where all the “bloody men” are. But we ‘aint coming back. Enjoy your cats and Bridget fucking Jones’ Diary girls.

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At 3:20 PM, MarkyMark said…


Do you know what REALLY turned me off to women? It was hearing their INCESSANT, hateful comments about men! I realized that: 1) I wasn’t wanted; 2) I couldn’t make the bitches happy; and 3) trying to make them happy would only inspire more demands/complaints. Bullshit, I say! It’s better to be eternal bachelors… 🙂


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