Babes In The Woods


13 August 2005

Abandoned Baby Found In Woodland


“The mother may be traumatised by having the baby and then abandoning it but she may also need urgent medical attention.”

The baby is probably fucking traumatized too, what with his mum chucking him into some woods. Note how she may be traumatised by not just having the baby, but by abandoning it. In other words, women seem to be able to escape responsibility for a crime thanks to the trauma of committing it.

This is one of the most annoying of double-standards between the sexes. A man who dumped a newborn in some woods would – quite rightly – be hunted down and arrested for being a complete bastard. A woman does it, however, and it’s “Poor likkle delicate flower, she must be sooo upset at leaving her baby to die.” Of course, if they find her, they’ll not only pamper her and give her some counseling, but she’ll get the baby back too.

The baby should be put up for adoption; there are plenty of childless couples who would love the chance to raise him. Then the mother should be arrested and charged with child abuse (if not, attempted murder, given that no-one would leave a baby in the outdoors at midnight except in the hope that it’d die of exposure by dawn.) None of this probation shit either, bang her up for a good eight-years or so.

Fucking sterilize her too, so she can’t have any more babies she might chuck out.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 10:54 AM

At 3:40 AM, TestSubjectXP said…

Fucking sterilize her too, so she can’t have any more babies she might chuck out.


Frankly, I consider this double standard to be evidence demonstrating how women are indeed weaker than men. Almost universally, women have more trouble accepting that their actions have consequences, not just everyone else’s actions. They can’t handle the idea.


At 3:46 AM, Anonymous said…

with no damage to your business’ budget whatsoever.


At 10:04 PM, Anonymous said…

I assume everyone has heard the joke among lawyers about the man who murdered his parents, then pled for mercy from the court because he was an orphan?

64 year old anonymous

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