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26 August 2005

Woman who killed baby spared jail


A mother has walked free from court after admitting killing her baby daughter through gross negligence. Fiona Milson, 33, of Malton, was given a two year rehabilitation order by Leeds Crown Court after earlier pleading guilty to manslaughter. Eighteen-month-old Sadie died after she ingested a teaspoon of the heroin substitute methadone from a bottle.

Yeah, I’m sure this would happen to a father who let his baby drink a fatal dose of heroin. He’d have been rightly imprisoned for a good decade. But imprisoning women – even drug-addict scum like this – is apparently a no-no, even if they kill their own children through neglect. No, women who commit crimes need help, not punishment, according to the useless, feminist-friendly Justice System.

What a hopeless fucking system. A father could go to prison for not paying Child Support yet a mother can avoid prison for letter the child die.

“She was not a selfish, uncaring mother. She has lost the person most precious to her.”

I’d hate to know what a mother who is selfish and uncaring does to her baby then.

Note that the crocodile-tears-dripping bitch is pregnant again too, and that she “may not be allowed to keep the child.” May not? There should be no question about the child being taken from her, and perhaps given to the father (if she even knows who it is.)

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At 5:41 PM, Anonymous said…

no i know she wouldn’t do a thing like that because she looked after me when i was little let her have this other baby. sadie was quiet but or well it is upsetting.

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