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31 August 2005

Family killed by high-speed train


A mother and her two children have been killed after apparently jumping in front of a Heathrow Express train travelling at up to 100mph.

The wording of this is most curious, and rather in keeping with most of society’s belief that women are never to be held responsible for any unpleasant actions they commit.

Basically, the two children were a five-year-old girl and a nine-month-old boy. Yet the wording of the article makes out like they all jumped in front of the train, like some sort of triple-suicide-pact.

How the fuck does a baby jump in front of a train? A five-year-old girl might be physically capable of such an action, but even though life can sometimes a bit crap even for kids, children that young don’t commit suicide.

Basically, what appears to have happened is that dear mummy leapt in front of the train with her young daughter and baby son to kill herself and take her kids with her. Yet the BBC, although they pretty much accept that it was not an accident – hence the “apparently jumped” wording – they daren’t imply any wrongdoing on behalf of the mother. They’d rather not say that some woman decided to end her life and selfishly take her kids with her. Heaven forbid a woman – especially a mother – could ever have any doubt cast upon her divine flawlessness.

The mother and her two kids are also described altogether as a “family” even though the woman was married, as if her husband – who one may care to presume is the father of one or both kids – is irrelevant, as if husbands and fathers are just optional extras for families. If a man killed himself and took his children with him, the article would be accurately headlined “Man kills own children and self” with it being regarded as a case of double-murder/suicide. Yet being the mother, every possible precaution has to be taken to avoid implying criticism of her or holding her responsible for her actions.

And on the very same day, another crap mother gets a mere slap on the wrist for Child Neglect. She left her kids – aged 4, 2 and 11-months – with a teenaged babysitter whilst she fucked off to Turkey with her mates. Yet she escapes prison. Well, obviously, she’s a woman. Can’t have women going to prison, eh? Of course, she could have left the kids with their father(s), but I guess expecting her to know who the fuck they are would be a bit too much to ask.

On a more positive note, at least the BBC have apologised for their programme that compares men with disobedient dogs, even if it is a lame half-hearted apology. At least it’s a start.

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