Feminism: WTF is it?

07 September 2005

Technically, feminism is a political movement and a belief system.


More accurately, it is just whining raised to an ideological level (similarly, Women’s Studies is just grumbling raised to an academic level.)

When you think about it though, with all it’s talk of The Patriarchy and how men all conspire to oppress women with no evidence whatsoever, feminism is more of a conspiracy theory. It involves playing the eternal Victim Card, making out that women should have more and more privileges, government money and exemption from responsibilities, all based on false statistics, wild flights of fancy, a refusal to live in the same dimension as the rest of humanity and general foaming-at-the-mouth lunacy.

In fact, if you take the general beliefs of feminism and replace the words men and Patriarchy with Blacks and Commie Invaders, then you have a perfect manifesto for those White Supremacist nutters at Stormfront. Or, replace them with the words Masons and The Illuminati and you’ll find yourself being sued for copyright infringment by Ex-footballer and Professional Nutcase David Icke.

Actually, regarding feminism as a conspiracy theory is too kind. Conspiracy theories are generally well thought out and take a great deal of imagination to come up with, even – nay, especially – the more unhinged and demented ones. Feminism isn’t imaginative or well thought out at all. It’s just fucking dumb and repetitive.

I’ll just stick with my original definition, that it’s merely whining raised to an ideological level.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 6:14 PM

At 6:57 PM, Anti Misandry said…

i have come to understand that:

Feminism = political hate movement

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