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14 September 2005

South Park has to be one of the greatest shows ever.


Unlike a lot of recent US shows like fucking Friends and fucking Desperate fucking Housewives – even The Simpsons, which I’m actually a fan of, although it’s shown a bit of a decline in recent years – South Park is not full of anti-male politically correct shit. It derides feminists (“A bunch of fat ugly skanks on their periods”) and political correctness.

The best episode recently was South Park Is Gay, which trashed the pathetic concept of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy and it’s ludicrous suggestion that normal men can better themselves and make themselves more attractive to women by taking the aesthetic and sartorial advice of a bunch of gormless HIV infected shit-stabbers.

The best joke ever in South Park is when Cartman is trying to sell to a stem-cell research lab a load of dead fetuses he stole from a truck that crashed on it’s way from an abortion clinic. Angered at the low price he is offered, our tubby anti-hero shouts:

“Look, I’m just like these fetuses, I wasn’t born yesterday!”

If you’re familiar with Bit Torrent (I recommend the client Azureus) mrtwig.net have all the episodes for download.

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