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19 August 2005

Lesbian couple will “marry” in December


Jane and Carol Shortini will not only be celebrating their love for one another but will also be making history by becoming the first lesbian couple to get married in Stockport [Greater Manchester, England] when the law changes later this year.

Huh? When the law changes? I didn’t hear of any change in the law allowing same-sex marriages. Or rather, civil unions or whatever you want to call them.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against blah, blah, blah. Y’know the disclaimer. I really don’t care if people want to go snogging and screwing people of the same sex. Doesn’t effect me, doesn’t bother me, so long as they don’t try and claim it’s as normal as heterosexuality or that they’re “no different” from a male/female couple.

However, as well as arrogantly claiming to be “just like any other couple”, these two women have four kids! The elder has two sons and a daughter from a previous (normal) relationship and they have a four-year-old daughter from a donor (see Yes we have no jizz.) So these four children will have the delight of having a couple of lesbians for “parents”. Wonderful. They’re not going to grow up fucked up are they?

Some of the mixed comments on the page are quite funny, like this one:

This is wrong I think. I live in Chorlton, the leafy suburb in South west Manchester and it is choc full of lesbians. They clog up all our bars and give you evil looks if they catch you laughing at them.

I live near Chorlton, I think I’ll pop down there at the weekend and laugh at some lesbians. Ho ho. đŸ™‚

Which part of being a lesbian disqualifies you from having children?

Being a lesbian does. Stupid.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 6:46 PM

At 10:11 PM, TestSubjectXP said…

It was bad enough growing up with one disfunctional mother. I could hardly imagine two.


At 7:44 PM, Anonymous said…

Queers and lesbians shouldnt be allowed to have or adopt children. They are not capable of raising kids, otherwise they’d be able to have them naturally, would they? Dirty freaks.


At 3:20 AM, TestSubjectXP said…

Good point.

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