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24 September 2005


What is it with Europeans (or rather, Continental Europeans, just to seperate us Brits from the rabble across the English Channel) with Socialists, Liberals, Commies and all manner of cunts that want to dictate what people should do and think? They seem to love them! Don’t they realise that left-wing fascism is just as shit as right-wing fascism?

In Norway, they elected some centre-left (PDF) guys who promised to “increase welfare spending” in spite of having “one of the world’s most generous welfare systems.” Take from the productive and give to the unproductive, basically. A generous welfare system is only generous to those who receive welfare.

This is also the cuntry country that will force companies (PDF) to make sure women make up at least 40% of their Board of Directors, presumably in the inexplicable hope that all those big revenue-generating businesses – upon finding that most women voluntarily drop-out of the workforce to have kids thus meaning the only way to keep up with those quotas will either be hire women not up to the job or sack men who are – will fuck off and relocate to China. Who needs industry, eh? That North-Sea oil will last forever!

Germany can’t decide whether to give Gerhard Schroeder the boot and elect Angela Merkel in his place or not, and so, in accordance with traditional German election rules, those two will have to duke it out in a bare-knuckle punch-up on top of a mountain. To the death. In their underpants.

I hope Merkel wins; not only is she the conservative one, but her name is easier to spell.

Then there’s bloody Sweden, that has banned smoking in bars (PDF) (smoking is shit for you, obviously, but I think people are actually smart enough to make their own decision whether to do so or not without the state’s nagging), encourages people to have their children raised by the state (PDF) instead of their parents, celebrates Palestinan suicide bombers in it’s National art gallery, and generally has a powerful clique of shit-spouting nutcase feminists who want to tax men for being wife-beaters (on the basis that having a penis makes you a wife-beater, even if you’re not even fucking married) and think that men are animals (PDF).

Oh, and in 1998, the Swedish company Ikea, who make shit gay furniture, ran a series of adverts in Britain that ripped the piss out of British culture and customs and told us to “stop being so British” and buy their shit gay furniture, then had the nerve to wonder why British people were pissed off (although, sadly, lots of people over here still buy Ikea’s shit gay furniture.)


The all-girl group Abba (pictured left) were crap too.

Before I’m accused of having a go at Swedes in general, I’m not. It’s just that your country seems to be a bit over-run by demented feminists (or, rather, more over-run than the rest of us) and everyone is laughing at you; if you’re a Swedish man with balls, go out and do something about it. But don’t go and stab some female politician to death (PDF), that’s not very nice.

As for Russia’s current political direction, fuck knows. The last I heard, the Russian Mafia were in power and Roman Abramovich (PDF) recently bought the country with the change he had left over when he purchased Chelsea F.C.

I would comment on the political state of former USSR nations like Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Welikevodkastan, but I can’t be arsed.

Not that us Brits can really talk. We’ve got a bunch of leftie cunts ruling us, although in our defense, we only elected them because they lied by saying “We’re not Socialists, honest, fingers-crossed.” (although I didn’t vote for the cunts. I didn’t vote for anyone in the last election to be honest, I forgot there was one.)

I’m fairly pro-American but our transatlantic friends have a shit-load of feminists and lefties sneaking about influencing things too, although to be fair, Americans don’t elect Socialists, the Socialists just influence things by sneaking through the backdoor into the Halls of Power whilst no-one is looking, going “Heheheheh!”

Fortunately Poland seems to be about to tell the commies to fuck off (PDF).

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