Kids need their parents, not someone elses

21 September 2005

Childcare “stress for toddlers.”


No, no, no BBC! You can’t say that! Surely your feminist masters have made it quite clear that it’s fine – nay, preferable – for parents to chuck their sprogs into the hands of some apathetic, gum-chewing, unqualified stranger so that mummy and daddy can both go and sit at office desks all day and shuffle around files and bits of paper whilst they gaze into space and wish they were dead (an activity people optimistically refer to as “a career.”)

Feminists say that a woman is being a Gender Traitor and a Slave To The Patriarchy if she actually looks after her own children herself or – gasp – actually lets her husband stay at home (assuming she has one and isn’t some fucking Single Parent By Selfish Choice) and look after the kids. Tut tut. Naughty BBC for daring to hint at the fact that feminists are a bunch of idiotic arse-biscuits who don’t know what the fuck they’re yapping on about.

Lets face it, feminists hate it when their claims are contradicted by things like evidence, common sense, morality, etc.

Also, how curious it is that, when married, a lot of women these days are eager to throw their kids into nurseries and kindergartens and be shot of the bastards, yet when these same women decide to get a no-fault divorce (they’re all the fashion these days) they grab their previously abandoned kiddies and shout “Mine, mine, mine! I’m a mother. They are mine! I have an emotional mother/child bond that can’t be broken! Kids need their mothers! ME ME MINE MINE ME ME! Gimme gimme! Oh, I’ll have some child support too.”

I briefly went to nursery when I was about three. It was shit. I soon threw a tantrum when I saw my dear mum treacherously drive off, leaving me in this kiddie prison, and I tried to flee out the front door after her. The woman in charge of the nursery snatched me up and angrily hauled me off to do some stupid finger painting with my fellow kiddie convicts. Whilst this bitch was carrying me I deliberately pissed myself, soaking her and me, making her go “Uuggh, ewwww!!” Bwhahahaha! Take that wench!

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 9:32 PM

At 12:01 PM, TestSubjectXP said…

Great point! Women fight tooth and nail to gain custody over children that they subsequently pay no attention to. Excellent point.

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