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09 September 2005

Female MPs can’t handle their jobs; men blamed.


Blah blah. It’s barely worth ripping into these stupid fucking cunts and their tedious whining. But here goes.

[T]he change from family friendly hours in the Commons, back to a late night sitting on a Tuesday, is one topic that has angered many of the female MPs.

Well, if you’re going to take part in running the country ladies, you have to make a few sacrifices, like not being able to go home at 3PM to make the school-run. You’re politicians, not part-time shop assistants.


Ms King [pictured left] said she “lost it” when she heard of the changes. “I started shouting and swearing.”

Lost it, then started shouting and swearing eh? And they said politics would be so much more caring and sweet when women entered it. Jeez, no wonder women have to put up with being stereotyped as hysterical and over-emotional when high-profile ones as Ms King put such effort into upholding such stereotypes.

Ms Harman said she felt “absolutely bitter” with her Labour colleagues for depriving her and other MPs from spending evenings with their families.

Well, Ms Harman, Queen Femnag of British Politics, male MPs (and a lot of working men in all occupations) have had to put up with being deprived of spending evenings with their families for fucking years. Centuries even. They didn’t whine about it and demand flexi-time. Why does she think women deserve special treatment? Oh yeah, because they’re women.



Labour’s Fiona MacTaggart adds: “It’s actually a quite extraordinary place – it’s designed for men, it uses male language.”

That’s because democracy in Britain (and all other democratic nations) was founded by the efforts, risks and sacrifice by men. We only still have democracy because hundreds of thousands of men have died fighting to defend it over the centuries, and men will be forced to defend it if we get attacked again, whilst women no doubt cower in their homes wailing “Save us!”

Also, what the fuck does this gurning moron – who incidentally has her glasses on all wonky – mean it’s “designed for men”? Are there no lady’s toilets? Is the carpet in the House of Commons hard to walk on in high-heeled shoes? Do all the MPs play the Soggy Biscuit game at the end of each debate and women feel left out? What she basically means is that she can’t fucking hack it or get any respect because she’s shit at her job and, being a modern woman, can’t ever consider the fact that she is in anyway imperfect. Also, what the gibbering fuckwads does she mean about “male language”? Are there two sets of English, one for men, one for women? Surely if a man says to her “Your idea to ban men from all public places is fucking stupid” it can’t be that hard to understand.

…people would smoke right in front of you.

AAAAAGH! They smoke in front of you?!?! How sexist! Why, that’s practically rape!

[Some other female MP] said not only had it been “incredibly difficult” fighting an election while pregnant, but coping with a young baby at that time.

Oh no! The horrors! Obviously you were forced to become pregnant just before election time weren’t you? No? Oh…well, shall we put elections on hold to make sure there are no female MPs pregnant? So the delicate likkle petals don’t have a hard time? Wait, that would be fucking stupid, which means it’ll probably be seriously suggested by female MPs.

Now I can understand women getting pissed off if they are subjected to sexist remarks about their appearance, but all we have here are vague allegations, whining and abstract claims that other MPs use “male language.” And if a man does make a sexist remark to a woman, why can’t she just tell him to sod off? That’ll put him in his place, and it’ll probably make him respect her, certainly more so than if she just goes whining and blubbering to a journalist about those awful, awful men. These people are meant to be running the country, yet they can’t handle a stupid comment about their shoes? It’d be the same if the sexes were reversed. If a load of male MPs wrote a book about how awful it is that women make comments about their appearance, or moaning that they don’t see enough of their families, I’d rip the piss out of them too.

I’m surprised these women politicians haven’t (yet) complained that MP stands for “Member of Parliment” and they feel threatened by the word “Member” because it makes them think of great big horrible willies.

Note how all the women quoted above are from Labour, a bunch of leftie tosspots who, despite all the gloss they have managed to spread over themselves since 1994, are – and always have been – a bunch of fucking socialists.

This is the reason why these current flock of Blair’s Bloody Babes are getting derided. They preach equality but, as usual, they want special treatment, like flexi-time and “family friendly” working hours. As is happening in society as a whole, men are just sick of women wanting equality when it suits them then demanding special treatment for being delicate likkle ladies when that suits them.

Fortunately not all female MPs are as feeble and hysterical. Margaret Thatcher didn’t need to demand special treatment. Then there’s the late Mo Mowlam who was so tough that she once strode into a prison full of terrorists to have serious words with them, and they soon fell into line. Lest I appear too one sided, I could write another few million words about all the male MPs I think are utterly useless twats.

I’ll leave the last word to Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe:

“Come on, once again it’s women being sensitive, saying ‘it’s just because I’m a woman that the press are saying this’. Oh, it’s so pathetic … I’d like to bang their heads together.”

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