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6 August 2005

Amongst the extensive links at the Everyman website, I found this: The Garbage Generation


It’s a very well written piece by a guy named Dr. Daniel Amneus (left) into the effects of an increasingly matriarchal society as it’s advance naturally erodes the patriarchal model.

It does make the assumption that societies used to be matriarchal, which is normally an unspoken belief of feminists, although naturally Dr. Amneus reaches a slightly different conclusion; namely, feminists think everything turned to shit when the patriarchy took over; Dr Amneus, however, says that the rise of the patriarchy was when everything improved and got all nice ‘n civilized. Men, he argues, only aim to be productive, civilized and protective of women and children when they were rewarded by the love of women and the legitimacy of their own children. In matriarchal societies, where women are promiscuous, owe loyalty to no-one but themselves and where children belong to their mother and her only, men have no motivation or desire to strive for success or to give a fuck about women and children, and so the whole society doesn’t progress and struggles just to survive.

A lot of the thoughts and conclusions in this article are not really new to those in the Men’s Rights Movement (the unfairness of alimony, for example) but Dr. Amneus puts the whole thing in the context of the big anthropological picture with plenty of references and examples.

It’s a really good read, even though it will consume a fair portion of time. If you don’t have the time to read it all, a selection of Dr. Amneus’s quotes can be found here, courtesy of those whining rectum-faced feminists of the National Organization of Women’s (N.O.W. clearly don’t like Dr. Amneus, meaning he must be a pretty good bloke if he’s pissed off those misandrist whores, although that’s not too difficult; just having a penis makes you an arch enemy of feminists.)

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 8:29 PM

At 1:46 AM, JadedGuy said…

I have always thought to myself, “Why should men care about a society that doesn’t care about them?” What will happen over time? Simple. Our culture will decline, unfortunately.


At 5:27 AM, TestSubjectXP said…

Read section #1. So far, so good.


At 12:40 PM, Darren said…

Excellent post


At 5:28 PM, Anonymous said…

Thanks for pitching in on behalf of men, we need that.

A very fine and moderate blog.



At 6:10 PM, knight40 said…

Feminism destroys society, already has.


At 2:04 PM, Anonymous said…

patriarchy was when everything improved and got all nice ‘n civilized. Men, he argues, only aim to be productive, civilized and protective of women

Don’t forget about the incessant war, oppression, and violence spawned by your disgusting patriarchy, also the rape, harassment and abuse of women by men sanctioned by patriarchy. Feminism will continue to steamroller over men of your ilk. It will be alive and well long after you’ve become a worm feast. Kills ya, doesn’t it?


At 5:00 PM, Anonymous said…

Feminism won’t be steamrolling over anything you daft bint, feminism is nothing more than bad tempered cunts whining incessently, like you. Take away the support that men foolishly gave it in the past and feminism nothing more than a collection of moaning powerless women who are easy to shut up with a big back-hander.

SMACK! Bad dyke. Go back to your fucking kennel.


At 10:00 PM, Anonymous said…

Actually, Prof. Amneus has been accused by later students as having understated the case. He said patriarchy was a precursor of civiliazion. Later comments have said patriarchy IS civilization.

If you want to see patriarchy and matriarchy in action, you can do it in any city near you.

For matriarchy, just ask the direction to the closest ghetto. Populated by welfare queens and their drug popping kids, and pimps who were raised by their matriarchial mammys; look at the mess. A warning: don’t try this after dark unless you have your cyanide pills with you.

Single moms don’t live there because they are ghettos. They are ghettos because single moms live there.

For patriarchy, hit the suburbs, look for large houses, well-mowed lawns; well-behaved kids; prosperity at its finest.

If Pol Pot came into the suburbs and the ghettos, and forced everyone to change places at gunpoint, within three days, in the ghetto would be the sound of hammers; delivery trucks from Home Depot racing this way and that; and in the suburbs would be the sound of gunfire.

64 year old anonymous

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