Rubbish statue unveiled in London

15 September 2005

Square’s naked sculpture revealed




Is a pregnant disabled woman with saggy tits what Britain is reduced to celebrating? This single-mother is somehow as magnificent and as worthy of admiration as Lord Nelson? Big fucking deal. It’s not like being born with no arms is some sort of achievement. It’s not like she had any say in the matter. And she got pregnant? Wow. Like, no-one has ever managed to get pregnant before in the history of the universe!

London is really going downhill with Socialist left-wing cunt Extrordinaire Ken Livingstone as it’s Mayor.

“Artist Marc Quinn said he had sculpted his friend Ms Lapper because disabled people were under-represented in art.”

In case you hadn’t realised, Marc Quim, the bloke at the top of Nelson’s column – y’know, Nelson – is disabled, given that his right eye and right arm were fucked beyond repair. Also, at least Lord Nelson got his disabilities in the course of performing noble and worthwhile duties, namely the ancient British sport of fighting with foreign types for no reason whatsoever.

I know I sound all harsh and nasty, but although I have sympathy for the subject, Alison Lapper, I don’t think there’s anything to celebrate here. Besides, with that surname, she should be a lesbian.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 6:37 PM

At 3:28 AM, Trescius said…

Are you sure she isn’t a lesbian? I mean look at the hair cut, she could be enlisted with that. Yuck.


At 7:15 AM, Duncan Idaho said…

If she is a lesbian, she’d be rubbish at fisting.

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