Unequal equality

26 August 2005

Government equality unit slammed for inequality


The Swedish government’s unit for coordinating equality policies and distributing funding to equality organisations has come under fire for its own inequality: only 3 out of 28 employees are men.

And whose is blamed for this? The government? Women? Feminists? No…men. How fucking unsurprising.

“It’s not good. A more equal gender balance is important to show that they are serious about these issues,” said Eva Nikell at the Equality Ombudsman’s office.

Right, men aren’t taking it seriously enough. Can you fucking blame them bitch?! “Equality” commissions, both in Sweden, the UK, US and everywhere else have never been about equality, they’re about forcing qualified men out of jobs and shoving women in their place, regardless of whether they’re qualified. Also, in most job sectors, like I.T. and accountancy, there are far more men than women. Do we see women being blamed for not being serious about these industries? Of course not. It’s illegal to blame women for anything. So it’s put down to Evil Men and their discriminatory practices.

Let’s see what else this femtard has to splutter:

Eva Nikell said that the lack of relevant competence among men was a valid reason for the prevalence of women in the equality unit.

“The fact that men are not qualified is in itself an equality problem,” she said.

Once again, no-one would ever get away with blaming women’s “lack of relevant competence” for their underepresentation in an industry or individual company.

She does have a point though; most men aren’t qualified to work in Equality Commissions, but only because she regards the primary qualification for working at these places is being fully indoctrinated in the men-hating feminist mind-set that seemingly the rest of Sweden’s rulers follow. This is, of course, the country where the women think that men are animals and walking dildos. No wonder Sweden has the second-highest suicide rate in the world, with men – as is invariably the case – making up the majority of victims. The poor guys just can’t stand living in a Matriarchy.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 8:23 AM
At 8:10 PM, TestSubjectXP said…

Of course I take it seriously and am completely competent when it comes to equality.

I stay the hell away from it and anything related to it.

No two humans are equal.

Women don’t seem to be smart enough to realize that. 😦 ——————————————————————————–

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