What a drag

12 September 2005

Two ladies at work had a conversation today that I listened in on. One woman, Claire, was telling another, Louise, that her husband was giving up smoking.

Claire: He quit last week. He’s doing quite well.
Louise: Finally nagged him into quitting then?
Claire: No. I’ve wanted him to quit for a while, but I haven’t nagged him. I’ve always told him that if he does try to give up, he should give up because he wants to, not because I’m demanding he does.
Louise: Well, at least now he’ll save money that he can spend on you!
Claire: No, I’ve told him to put the money he saves on not buying cigarettes to one side then he can treat himself afterwards.
Louise: Oh no, that won’t do. He should spend it on you!
Claire: There’s nothing I want though really.
Louise: I’m sure there’s something! A new ring? Handbag? The cash?!
Claire: Just for my husband not to have a smokers cough!

Thus the conversation ended.

Claire, who is 26 and has been married for a couple of years, is really quite charming and pleasant, lacking the sense of extreme entitlement and the Princess Syndrome that so many other women these days seem to have. She clearly neither believes in nagging her hubby to do what she wants him to nor sees him as nothing more than a source of revenue and gifts. That, clearly, is why she actually has a husband.

33-year-old Louise has made it clear – in this instance and many, many others – that her only real use for a man would be to buy her things and to shape and mould him through nagging until he’s something more to her liking; i.e. a workhorse and gift-dispensing slave. Hence, she’s a spinster, and likely to remain so until the end of time.

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