Bin that baby!

02 November 2005

Newborn baby found in bin liner

To quote some copper:

“We understand she may be feeling frightened and distressed but we are here to offer assistance,” he said.

“Our primary concern is her welfare and the safety of her baby. She may also need medical treatment.”

Did it ever occur to you, dear Mr Policeman, that perhaps laying out the red carpet treatment for some stupid whore and dishing out promises of “welfare and safety” to the uncaring cunt of a mother of this poor child may, just may, be the reason babies keep turning up in bins likes this every month or so?

If a man can’t afford to pay financial support to his child, he is thrown in prison. If a woman can’t be arsed to look after her child and chucks the poor kid in a bin to die, she is offered “assistance” and “treatment.”

Poor kid. The ideal thing to do would be to place her with a loving couple of adoptive parents and give a big “Fuck off!” to the natural mother should she ever drag herself off of crack to hunt down the child she dumped in a bin.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 11:45 PM

At 4:17 AM, TestSubjectXP said…

It’s ridiculous that women get pampered so much then insist they are so tough. It’s a god damned joke.


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