Crime, but no punishment II

19 November 2005

Following on from the previous post, a Scottish woman has been released from prison after her conviction for the culpable homicide of her daughter was thrown out because she was “intimidated by her violent boyfriend.”

Basically, this woman, Andrea Bone, let her 13-month-old daughter be battered and murdered by her bad-boy lover. She did fuck all to save the little girl. It was heard in court that she sat “smoking and sipping coffee as the little girl was violently beaten.” That should, in my view, entail a murder conviction because she is just about as guilty as her scumbag lover. But no, she got off with a lesser charge and a mere three-year prison sentence because, well, she’s a woman.

Now her conviction has been thrown out on appeal thanks to the old trick of blubbering before a judge and whining about being “intimidated” by her boyfriend.

Hmmm. Well, if he was that intimidating, why did she shack up with him? Perhaps she was turned on by his manly rebellious nature and he was far more exciting than a boring “nice guy.” She also complained she was depressed because other inmates were mean to her in prison. Awwww! Poor dear.

Naturally this bitch comes out with further self-pitying whining:

“I am relieved I can finally grieve for my daughter.”

Well that’s fine then. I’m sure your daughter would be grateful that you’ll grieve for her. Perhaps you might like to feel one tiny hint of guilt at having sat sipping a nice cup of coffee whilst she was fucking slammed against a wall until she died you cunt. She’s only relieved that she’s now out of prison.

“And now I can get the help I need.”

Oh yes, the “help” you need. Obviously it wasn’t your fault deary, it was just some “intellectual and personality difficulties which made it hard for her to intervene.” No, nothing to do with being a crap mother.

No mention of the dead girl’s father either. It wasn’t the guy who killed her. Maybe this Bone bitch had no idea who the father was.

It is well known that stepfathers and mummy’s new boyfriends are – after mothers themselves – most likely to commit child abuse. Yet society goes on encouraging divorce and family law eagerly splits up families and takes children away from their natural fathers, and so kids end up with mummy and whichever bad-boy she decides to hook up with.

Update: Another story today, about a drug gang convicted of trafficking heroin. The attempt to smuggle £65,000 of heroin was masterminded by a woman, who received a sentence of four-years-three-months. Her two male accomplices got four-years-six-months. So, even when a woman is actually in charge of a criminal operation she still manages to get a lesser sentence than male accomplices.

Why the fuck does the legal system even claim to be fair? They might as well be honest and just admit that women are not to be punished or held accountable as much as men.

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