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05 November 2005

I’ve just had to reinstall XP onto one of my PCs and, for a short while, had to use Internet Explorer. Ugh! I haven’t used that piece of crap in ages.

Fortunately I’ve reinstalled Firefox, which is fucking ace. Loads of other people think so too. You should try it if you’re still using IE.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 1:24 PM

At 10:40 PM, TestSubjectXP said…

The only things I use IE for are proxies (network setting are easiest to access in explorer) and sites that use ActiveX controls.

I also use Opera. I like it better than Firechicken in some ways, Waterfox better in others.


At 12:12 AM, Trescius said…

Bah I’m still a plain Mozilla man. Has what I need and is tried tested and true.


At 9:37 AM, t4 said…

What I dislike abt Firefox is the inability to recover browsing history and, along with IE, the incapacity to manage distinct bookmark files. I haven’t tried Opera, but I’ve learned the hard way I have to back up my Mozilla bookmark files if I want to keep them.

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