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22 November 2005

Girls ‘becoming more violent’

Like we didn’t notice. Amazing that this crept past the femborg censors at the BBC.

What is also astonishing is that is stated that girls have always been capable of bullying, but have primarily used ‘psychological’ techniques in the past but are now using physical ones too.

Anyone with a brain knew that girls use psychological intimidation to bully other people (and continue to do so in adulthood, such as through emotional blackmail) but feminists will simply never admit this. In fact they’ll no doubt be implying that the rise in physical assaults by girls is simply them ’emulating boys’ or some such crap.

In fact, note that television – poxy, crappy, dumbed-down soap operas of all things! – are being blamed already! Yes, it’s the bad acting in Coronation bloody Street making girls go out and stripe their classmate’s faces up with razors.

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