Girls mob boys

13 November 2005

Boy band incites ‘girl frenzy’ at mall

“Police shut down a suburban shopping mall Saturday after screaming fans of the boy band B5 rushed the stage during a free concert, grabbing at the band members’ clothing and overwhelming the small team of security guards.”

Grabbing at their clothing? Isn’t that pretty much sexual assault, or at least sexual harassment?

Oh, wait, silly me. It was females mobbing and clawing at males, not the other way round, so that’s just harmless I guess.

Here’s a picture of the band.


No, I don’t see what girls see in these cocksuckers either.

I guess the lesson here is, if you want to have frisky teenaged girls screaming with lust at you and trying to pull your clothes off, then it seems your best tactic is to wear white pajamas, point at things at random, flick V signs and gaze into space like a dribbling lobotomy patient.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 6:55 PM

At 11:04 AM, Anonymous said…

teenage girls can sexually harass me anytime..

is this even an issue?

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