Guilty until proven guilty

18 October 2005

Domestic violence courts extended


Stock photo of a man punching a woman in the face, instead of, say, a woman attacking her husband, as is the case in around half of domestic violence cases? Check.

Quote from some whore from a Woman’s Aid charity, no doubt some raving femtard who hates all men and loves her job attacking them via the anti-male legal system? Check.

References to male victims of domestic violence? Of course not. This is the fucking BBC; Bitch Broadcasting Corporation.

The Specialist Domestic Violence Court Programme, which involves prosecutors, police and victim support groups, aims to bring more offenders to justice.


The Specialist Domestic Violence Court Programme, which involves prosecutors, police and hysterical feminist cunts, aims to bring more men to prison with only a token nod towards any semblance of justice.

The ‘fastracked’ system put in operation sounds as if they just put men on a conveyor belt and stamp guilty on them, making a mockery of justice and increasing cynicism towards genuine cases of domestic violence.

Some courts also have separate entrances and waiting areas so that victims do not run into their attackers.

You mean their alleged attackers? Oh, wait, you don’t. After all, a man accused of domestic violence must be guilty. And on the off-chance that a woman is actually proven to be responsible for domestic violence, then she can get off scot-free because she was only defending herself (like this evil looking whore who escaped prison for stabbing her ‘verbally abusive’ husband to death; contrast it with this case of a young man hit with a 14-year sentence for stabbing a guy who sexually abused him for years when he was a kid. I guess a woman being shouted at is more justified in killing than a guy who was repeatedly raped by a child molester.)

It also makes it possible for charges to still be pressed if the accusations are withdrawn, something that doesn’t happen with normal crimes. We’ll end up with cases like those that have been occuring in the US, where women have admitted that they made up false accusations of domestic violence during the heat of an argument but hubby has been tried and convicted anyway (and in some cases, women who have made such a retraction of charges have been threatened with having their children taken off them by Social Services if they dare to try and deprive prosecutors of a chance to lock up a man.)

Britain may not have its own equivalent of America’s Violence Against Women Act, but we might as well. A woman only has to make an allegation and the guy is screwed, even more so with these fastracked systems that are run by feminist cunts and therefore never, ever take into account either male victims of domestic violence or the possibility that some women make up allegations out of spite.

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