20 November 2005

According to statistics available from the homeless charity Crisis, 80 to 90% of homeless people are men. A quarter are aged 18 to 25.


Yet never does this breakdown of gender reach the news. Like the report today on the BBC about a rise in homelessness in Wales, and this older article; they talk of “homeless people”, “young homeless people”, but never “homeless men.”

After all, to ensure women can still wear their crowns of victimhood and oppression, liberals don’t want to draw attention to fact that, compared to females, males today are at much greater risk of becoming homeless because they do not have the safety-nets women have. Men don’t have the ability to just get pregnant and get a free council house, and following divorce they are usually booted out of their houses and forced to support their ex-wives, leaving them without enough money for their own place.

In fact, the BBC has an article of one homeless person’s experiences; predictably it’s a woman. Not exactly an accurate example. This woman was just homeless for three-months, whilst most people (such as men, who are expendable in this society) are on the streets for years, often until they die, freezing, in a doorway.

The statistics factsheet provided by Crisis notes that children who lived with step-parents or foster parents are more likely to become homeless in adulthood; in other words, a stable two-parent family will decrease a child’s chances of ending up on the streets. This, of course, is blatantly obvious to anyone, but even so our society, with feminist’s urging, continues to reward single motherhood and encourage family breakdown, thus adding to the problems such as homelessness.

Also note that, although Crisis explains that the vast majority of homeless people are men, it has a separate section dedicated to homeless women, but not one for men, clearly indicating that women are of more concern to Crisis than men. In fact it states – without offering any statistics – that the “numbers of single homeless women has risen significantly in recent years.” Oh no! We must do something!! Homelessness was no big deal when it only effected men.

Of course, you don’t need statistics to realise all this. When was the last time you saw a homeless woman on the street? I’ve never seen one. Not one homeless woman.

That’s why so little is done to help the homeless; so long as men are the primary victims of a problem, then it’s no problem at all in the government’s eyes.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 2:32 PM

At 5:28 PM, rafael699 said…

As a psychologist, I worked with homeless people in Chicago. 90-95% were men, the rest were women who had someone to take care of them – they just had a bad alcohol or drug problem that caused temporary homelessness.

Excellent post.


At 8:45 PM, nigeles175d said…

The BBC report and article show pictures of women, not men. No matter how bad the situation gets for men, mens suffering can always be ignored.


At 2:34 AM, Anti Misandry said…

as nigeles175d said…


At 9:43 PM, Anonymous said…

I have an idea that may appeal to you (a little off topic but not really).

I run the underground railroad site and would like to offer marriage services to men who would like to make a public commitment but who do not want the homelessness and judicial rape that goes with being married. It would be a similar ceremony but with no legal validity.

If you would like to discuss this then please contact me via underground railroad.


At 6:00 AM, Anonymous said…

There could also be a less sinister reason for focusing on homeless women when seeking aid: people are more apt to respond to it (sucks but it’s true). One of my uncles helps run a charity for kids in Nepal. I noted that the main kids being emphasized were female and asked him why. He replied that there were actually more boys being helped by the program than girls, but that they get the most response when girls are the focus. A similar parallel would be showing how much scaring good men away from marriage via bad laws hurts women.



At 4:54 AM, Viking said…

Perhaps most people don’t notice the disparity because we are instinctively more concerned for women and children because we know both are much more helpless. We expect men to be able to take care of themselves. Take a look at what this homeless guy pulled off for several years…


Let’s see a woman do that.


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