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21 November 2005


Mobster Threat Generator


Tombstone Generator

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 10:42 PM

At 11:52 PM, Anonymous said…

Nice,heh. It can’t come soon enough to suit me.

I was just feeling pretty down because I realized that feminist thinking and the manginas that support them have even infected the electronic games industry now. I was looking at this thread on a forum for an upcoming MMORPG that got kinda ugly, regardless of the guy being right or wrong.


At 11:57 PM, Anonymous said…

By the way, what happened to TestSubject’s Blog? I was trying the link from your blog to his, and it keeps coming up as “not found.”


At 1:19 AM, Anti Misandry said…


the points you raise regarding ‘women and gaming industry’ has been going on a while. Sad, but true.

Duncan, i love the generator – hope you don’t mind, but i’ve stolen your image (tombstone) and put it under feminism funnies on my site.



At 5:59 PM, Duncan Idaho said…

Not sure where the Dumb Cunts blog has gone, it seems TestSubjectXP deleted it for some reason.


At 9:16 AM, WHAK’d said…

http://www.famousdefaces.com has some 500 more custom caption image makers.


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