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27 November 2005

I watched War Of The Worlds today, the Spielberg version.

Total PC crap.

The protagonist, Ray (Tom Cruise) is divorced. He is naturally portrayed as a hopeless father; he can’t cook, he can’t get through to his son, he even needs parenting tips from his 10-year-old daughter!

At one point, with alien tripods stomping all over the place making mischief, Ray starts crying, instead of doing what a 1980s action movie hero would have done, namely grabbing a big fucking shotgun and growling “It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble-gum…and I’m all outta gum!

Ray’s ex-wife comes into his house at one point and tells him off for having a messy home and for having nothing in his fridge. What does Ray do? He just utters some stupid faggy compliments about her appearance, instead of being a man and telling her to fuck off and take her twat of a new husband with her.

Ray is also shown to be very reluctant to have his kids with him, as if all divorced men are deadbeats who never want anything to do with their children.

Then there’s the fact that Ray has a fancy Ford Mustang sports car and a neat house in New Jersey, even though he is divorced and works on the docks!

How many divorced working class men – with two kids to presumably cough up child support for, in addition to alimony – can afford sports cars and a three-bedroomed suburban home? Surely he would be more likely to be in a crappy one-bedroomed apartment with no car and living on cold rice because half his income is going to his ex-wife.

In one piece of realism, at least the little girl acted like a little girl would in that situation; screaming her fucking head off. That’s just what feminists would do in real life too if aliens invaded, whilst begging us men to save them. Yeah, right. Fuck off bitches. Maybe you can scare the aliens off with shaming language or by hitting them on their big grey heads with a rolled up copy of The Guardian.

***Spoiler alert***

The ending is shit too. WTF? Did they run out of cash? Or did they just accidentally run the end credits 15-minutes too early.

“The nasty aliens all died of a cold, the end.” Right. Whatever.

I’m going to watch Star Wars again.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 9:24 PM

At 9:36 PM, Anonymous said…

“The nasty aliens all died of a cold, the end.”

Duh! It’s a remake of the 1950s original. The original was pretty good considering the year it was made.

Don’t ever watch remakes.. they are usually shit!


At 12:20 AM, Trescius said…

Also that’s how the book ended too. Though your points on the differences between then and now are screaming in loud and clear.

I mean after all if (this is gonna be a REAL big stretch here) I was divorced and my ex-wife came running in during the middle of an alien invasion where we were losing badly, and she ragged on me I’d ask how her house was.


At 2:19 AM, Anti Misandry said…

I saw the film and didn’t find it too offensive, even though it was generously peppered with anti-father bias in the first third (roughly). I did a quicky review (not that i realised i was going to be asked for it to be published by this url at the moment when i wrote it):

At 4:34 AM, Viking said…

That’s just what feminists would do in real life too if aliens invaded, whilst begging us men to save them.

There is so much truth in the statement. Only the aliens will not be from Mars. They will be from the Middle East. Just take a look at Europe and remember that we are only 10 or so years behind them. I don’t know if they could stand to beg us to save them but they definitely will vote for a draft. A draft that they will refuse to participate in.

But who will they draft? How many couples have no kids because of feminism? How many families have an only child? In the 50/50 chance that the child is a boy what parent will want to loose their only kid? Or maybe they can think about how much more successful a draft might be if 1/3 of the potential draftees hadn’t been murdered in the womb.

To this I shall also say “Fuck off bitches and enjoy your burkas”


At 9:23 PM, Verlch said…

I can’t blame a man for not wanting to be around his spoiler ex. The kids are more than likely brats, the mother is just friends with the children. That dad is just a bystander. Ahhh the mountains in a distant jungle are looking better all the time.

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