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11 October 2005

British women are ‘happy singles’


Yes, according to this (admittedly ten-months old) article, women are apparently enjoying being single. They hate the idea of marriage and despise the thought of being given a big diamond ring, having a lavish wedding and then being provided for and protected by a husband for life. Women would much rather live in a flat full of cats and die childless after working themselves to the bone in a crappy administration job.

Yeah, right.

Shit, its unreal the lengths female journalists will go to in order to try and convince us that women are abandoning men and us poor likkle males are sobbing with loneliness.

Sure, there are undoubtedly women are a happy being single – and good luck to them – and there are no doubt men who aren’t happy being single, but anyone with a fucking brain knows that it is women who endlessly complain about men “refusing to commit”. It is women, not men, who push for marriage, who read Bridal magazines and fume with jealousy when a friend gets hitched. Us men, by and large, are enjoying our single years. Yet here we go with the old we-don’t-need-useless-men garbage.

Note that it says 56% of women were happy to be single and 46% of men said the same, and that more men than women (39% compared to 35%) said they were “apathetic about love.” So men are almost just as happy being single and more apathetic about love than women, yet it’s all typical feminist BBC crap about women’s views and women’s views only. Also, the study – admittedly a small one anyway of just over a 1,000 people – included divorcees, and I’d dare say many of the men who said they weren’t happy being single actually meant that they weren’t happy having been divorced by their ex-wives and stripped of their house, kids and half their savings. A larger study of never-married men only would probably produce results similar to the State of Our Unions 2002 study from the US that reveals men’s avoidance of marriage and which first put the serious frighteners on women hoping to find a husband.

No doubt those women who said they were happy being single were either the divorced ones who had a succesfully stripped their ex of his assets or those single women in their 20s who were stupid enough to believe that they’ll be able to get a husband when they decide to find one when they’re about 30 – forgetting that by then their looks will be going, they’ll have a tonne of emotional baggage, possibly an abortion and/or illegitimate brat, and also not realising more and more men are wising up each day and refusing to get married. Ever.

Jenny Catlin, consumer analyst at Mintel, said:

Men are clearly going to have to work harder if they are looking for a partner in future.

Um, yeah, the key word is “if”. “If” we are looking for a partner. Sorry, the game is up. The Marriage Strike is on. Furthermore, men appreciate being single as we get older and are less and less likely to marry as the years go by. It is women who will have to work harder if they want a partner; we’re not interested in them except for sport-fucking, and even that’s hardly worth the effort. They’ll have to work hard at trying to – gasp! – actually be a bit nicer to us instead of the spoilt man-hating princesses most of them are. Either that or they’ll have to just work harder at their jobs, because few guys these days are willing to support ungrateful women just so these poor darlings can retire to the sofa after a hard ten-year-long vanity career doing a stupid Pink Collar job like, say, “consumer analyst at Mintel”.

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At 5:49 PM, MarkyMark said…


On NG’s site, someone posted a link to comedienne Tracy Smith. In her video clip, she lambasts women the same way we do (going for bad boys, etc.). Anyway, in her clip, she says that the BIGGEST, FATTEST LIE a woman will ever tell is that she doesn’t have time for a relationship! IOW, this article and others like it are bullshit-end of story.

Who reads the bridal magazines? How big are they? Have you SEEN one lately? They’re the size of a phone directory, for goodness sake! Who whines incessantly about commitment? Who tries to shame the other sex into marriage? We all know the answer to this one: women. They are so full of shit it makes me ill.


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