25 November 2005

Superb anti-feminist blog: Captain Zarmband

“The whole point is that boys are having their education deliberately sabotaged by feminist teachers and educationalists. The feminist’s agenda is to rig the education system so that it fails boys who then achieve lower qualifications than girls. Roll on ten years and women now fill the best jobs because they have better qualifications…..that’s the feminist’s plan.”

It’s sad ‘cos it’s true.

“Men make decisions and accept responsibility…”wimmin” have meetings, drink coffee and eat hobnobs but decide bugger all except that there is a requirement for more meetings and therefore extra hobnobs and possibly next time we’ll have chocolate cake too.”

It’s funny ‘cos it’s true!

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 8:47 PM

At 5:53 PM, Anonymous said…

Or maybe it is about the destruction of the fabric of society.

How many women do you know that are willing to marry a man that is “below” them i.e. below them in either intelligence or profession: Not many. Likewise not many men would like a woman that makes him feel impotent.

The UN has all these systems to educate the third World Country women and it does not have anything like that for the men. Its claim that by helping women it will help all society. What a load of shite!!! The women will feel resentment if the only men they end up marrying is an uneducated farmer.. they deserve better but unlikely to get it because that aren’t any system in place for men.

The destruction of society is what they want. Many dumb feminists want a government the controls every aspects of their live. When society finds itself in a mess it will call for big mommy government to step in. Hello nanny/Police State.



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