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10 October 2005

Underachieving boys to get help


Finally, it has occurred to someone somewhere that perhaps it might be time to help boys do a bit better in school as seen as they’re being out-performed by girls, and have been ever since…well, ever since the school system was feminized. For example, it was discovered in the 80s that girls did better at coursework, because it rewards enthusiasm and skill at colouring in diagrams, and boys did better at exams because it involved actually learning stuff and answering questions about hard facts. So, coursework these days makes up more and more of the marks than exams in many subjects.

I actually remember at school when I got the highest mark in a History test, or at least I would have but the teacher marked me down a WHOLE FUCKING GRADE because she said my handwriting was really messy. Bitch

So, what’s in this pilot scheme to help boys? Perhaps a reintroduction of competition into schoolwork, which boys thrive on? Maybe a big project for them to study and present to the class information of the man they most admire, such as a scientist, war hero or even their own dad?

No. Instead, there’ll be a “…football-style five-a-side competition, where points are gained for punctuality and good behaviour.

Y’see, this is the fucking problem with school. It places the most emphasis on encouraging enthusiasm and good behaviour. Those are good attributes, of course, but its up to parents to instill them in kids, not teachers. Also, I don’t think Einstein, Bill Gates or Sir Berners-Lee would have been high achievers if they’d spent their childhood being given stupid fucking stars from teachers for good behaviour and “punctuality.” In fact, Berners-Lee got in trouble at school for computer hacking, and look what he managed to achieve.

It also mentions that there’s a “boy-friendly” selection of books in libraries, which sounds cool but, knowing the feminists that run our schools, is probably just full of PC shite. Maybe a nice big pop-up-book showing the horrors of domestic violence that women – and only women – suffer, or perhaps a storybook about a boy who goes on an exciting adventure, fails, and is rescued by his more resourceful big sister and his two lesbian mothers. Also, the “Real Men Read” campaign may sound reasonable – I think reading is fucking ace, much better than watching television – but quite frankly one of the main problems boys face when growing up is that they are constantly being told what “real men” do, invariably by fucking women – feminist teachers, single mothers, etc – whose definition of what “real men” do is invariably warped to fit them (“Real men give women unconditional respect, real men hold doors open for women, real men hang their heads in shame for having a penis, etc.”)

If they want boys to do better in exams, then get rid of the feminist teachers who often don’t even bother to conceal their contempt for boys. Reward boys for being intelligent and learning things, not just for sitting still, being well-behaved and, above all, for acting like obedient little girls.

However, even then there won’t be much difference until feminist influence in society is finally erased. The reason boys work hard at school and then, as men, work hard in the workplace has traditionally been to attract a loving wife and then support their children. Nowadays why should boys bother working hard to get a good job to attract a wife when there are so few women worth marrying? And why should boys work hard and acquire a big house, car and substantial assets when they can have that snatched from them should their wife cash out on them? Also, boys and men are regarded as stupid, dopey, worthless and clumsey in virtually every advert, sitcom and television programme, and most women of the current generation regard men with grudging tolerance at best and simmering annoyance or even outright contempt at worst, and they get away with it too.

Why the fuck would any boy, sensing how unappreciated he is, want to bother studying hard and becoming a useful member of this ungrateful society?

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