Mother blames anyone but herself for her brat’s behaviour


24 November 2005

‘School to blame’ for child’s ban

The mother of a girl suspended from school 12 times has said she has no time to discipline her daughter – and has blamed her teachers.

Yeah, God forbid you should take any personal responsibility yourself bitch.

Note she’s a single-mother too; no father around to instill discipline into this little tearaway.

“The teachers aren’t doing enough, they need to be stricter. I have given them permission to be harder on her but they can’t because of the times we live in.”

Yes, the “times we live in” when kids are raised without fathers due to women being encouraged and rewarded for divorce and for whelping illegitimate bastards.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 6:03 PM

At 11:04 PM, rafael699 said…

Very typical. In the public schools, dozens of mothers come in every year and literally SCREAM at teachers and counselors to DO SOMETHING. They don’t discipline their kids at all. Further, in the US, you get around $300 a month in free money if your child is considered unmanageable.

Why bother raising your own kids? You can force the schools to do a shitty job of it while collecting benefit money.


At 3:27 AM, Trescius said…

This is bullshit. Either the dad is slaving away at a job to support the family and isn’t in his kids life (much), or as is becoming more the trend we’ll have a generation of bastards on our hands. (bastard – 1. a child born out of wedlock. 2. A detestable person with little or no respect given or received where it is due)


At 9:19 PM, acolyte said…

Isnt it ironic that if the teachers do discipline the kids they may get sued?What ever happened to the days when people took responsibility for their actions instead of passing the buck?


At 3:18 PM, Anonymous said…

We are all paying (literally and figuratively) for these idiot women who think – because of feminism – working is more important than taking care of their OWN CHILDREN and that fathers are a worthless.

Yet another reason to defeat feminism.


At 4:40 AM, Viking said…

Once again, without realizing it, these women are admitting that they need a man to help them to raise kids but would rather the gov’t be that man.


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