Resurrecting Romance

23 October 2005

“Romance is dead,” wail women these days, usually when some guy has failed to give her what she wants, such as a diamond ring or endless compliments to flatter her ego.


Indeed, romance is pretty much dead, but women killed it off. For starters, feminism encouraged women to act like men, and it is feminine attributes that bring out the romantic urge in men, not masculine attributes (this is outlined quite eloquently in Darren Blacksmith’s article The Death of Romantic Love.)

Modern women have also reduced romance to simple materialism; a £5,000 engagement ring is far more “romantic” than a £500 one.

Additionally, women simply aren’t romantic anymore.

This will surprise most women who believe romance is simply one way. Men are romantic towards women, they think, not the other way round. Romance is men buying them stuff and uttering poetic compliments and claims of undying devotion to them. They believe they have to do nothing in return, except occasionally spread their legs if their boyfriend/husband has been a good boy.

However, women should realise that they do have to be romantic in return.

This doesn’t mean buying us men flowers, chocolates and jewellery; we don’t like that crap, we’re not obsessive materialists you see.

However, what we do want in a relationship is appreciation.

Romance, at it’s basic level, is a form of appreciation. Flowers and compliments being given to women is men’s way of showing how great they think that woman is. In return, romantic women let the man know how great she thinks he is, by complimenting him and respecting his opinions (that doesn’t mean obeying a man’s every command, of course, but just actually taking his opinion into account instead of automatically over-ruling him.) The greatest form of appreciation a woman can show a man, of course, is by merrily humping his brains out each evening (rather than only when she wants something.)

That’s how it apparantly used to be, but not anymore. For women it’s a badge of pride to do nothing for boyfriends and husbands. Having disrespect and even loathing towards a man is the way they’ve been told to assert their “independence” and it is not surprising that men don’t particularly feel in anyway appreciative – and therefore not compelled to throw out romantic gestures – towards these women.

For example, at work the other month, one of the few young women in the office who is married, Claire, said she wanted to go home early to cook her husband a fantastic meal for when he came home from his job, as he’d recently been having a stressful time at work and she wanted to pamper him. A few other young women seemed to be quite puzzled, even hostile, at this idea.

“He should be cooking you dinner,” said one woman, “I never really bother cooking for my boyfriend, when it’s my turn I just get take-away. It’s the 21st Century, you shouldn’t be slaving away in the kitchen for a man.”

Others seemed to agree. Claire’s plans to pamper her hubby seemed to inspire her female colleagues to frown and gnash their teeth, as if Claire was a traitor to today’s Empowered Womyn. But nonetheless, off Claire went at 3 o’clock to hurry home to the kitchen.

The next day an Interflora delivery man came to the office with a huge bunch of flowers for Claire from her appreciative husband. Claire had the huge floral display proudly sitting on her desk for the rest of the day, her cheery face just visible behind the dozens of roses.

Naturally this bought various frowns and gnashing of teeth from the other women, all quite jealous at this romantic gesture.

“God, that’s so unfair, my boyfriend never sends me flowers,” grumbled one woman, the one who, the previous day, had boasted that she hardly ever bothered cooking for her boyfriend and indeed spends half the time denigrating and belittling him.

That’s probably why he never sends her flowers.

If women want us men to be romantic again, then women will have to give us a reason to appreciate them.

However, that will mean women having to appreciate us men in return, something most are not in anyway inclined to do these days.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 2:24 PM

At 5:28 AM, TestSubjectXP said…

When you ask a woman what she is supposed to do in return for a man being chivalrous toward her, it’s always a different and ridiculous answer.

I can’t even stand the word romance anymore. You want flowers and chocolates, find another man.


At 11:20 AM, Slaytan said…

Herb, you mean “you want flowers and chocolates, find a florist’s shop and a candy store.”??


At 11:03 PM, Trescius said…

To coin the quote

Romance is DEAD.

And feminazi’s killed it.


At 11:55 AM, T4 said…

It seems Western wymyn simply live to gripe cuz they’ve been spoiled silly

At 3:36 PM, Jennifer said…

I’m a woman & understand the disdain some men have toward commitment when I look at other women around me!!

I feel like such an outsider because I hear other women talk about the horrible way they treat their men & I feel like slapping their dumb asses around a bit!! They talk about how lazy they are & then complain about how badly their men treat them!!! I feel like screaming, “How could you blame him you lazy, stupid cow?! How can you not see that you should be more willing to make him happier?”

I am a firm believer in pampering, pleasuring & praising my man!! I don’t use sex as currency because I’m pretty much as horny & curious as any man & admit it! My idea of the beginning of a “romantic evening” is greeting my man at the door in something sexy with a fresh, cold beer in my hand & a fabulous dinner cooking for him in the kitchen!! I am of the firm belief that most men work far harder outside the home than women & they deserve to be shown appreciation for it.

I also don’t get women(or men, for that matter) letting their appearances go after commitment. Don’t they realize that a big part of the reason their man chose them is the way they looked? Who wants to have sex with a beached whale??? I sure don’t!!

Wake up ladies!! Feminism has robbed you all of your true roles!!! Love & worship men for the fabulously unique creatures they are!! I know my man appreciates it & shows me that he does…. It makes me feel like a real woman!!

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