Tall fucker

16 November 2005


On a trip to the nearby big city of Manchester, I spied this great big semi-constructed bastard of a building sticking 540-feet into the air over the town centre.

Men designed that and are currently building it (it’s hard to tell whether any of the people in hard-hats on the top floors are female but its a fair assumption they’re not; after all it’s cold and windy up there, and far from the nearest water-cooler.)

Should any feminists still be whining “what are men good for?” they can pull their heads out of their dry and desolate vaginas and gawp up at this, just one of many things that us men are good for; designing, building and maintaining things that make our lives more comfortable. Thanks to the male half of our relatively young species, we can live in things like this instead of caves.

That, basically, is a feat of men’s ingenuity, vision and fucking hard work. The sad fact is that that the men risking their lives up there are probably paid less than the thousands of women in the shadow of it as they type and gossip away in their comfortable offices at their worthless clerical Pink Collar Jobs that don’t amount to jack shit.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 9:28 PM

At 5:48 AM, Slaytan said…

So true, Duncan, so true!


At 9:55 AM, Anonymous said…

This may be true. But the question needs to be asked – who will occupy the building once constructed? I will not furnish an answer. I will make the point that men should not be building anything for the benefit of women. Rich Zubati put it this way –‘let them fix their own toilets’. The deeper point is that men provide the technology that is then used to displace themselves. So who is to blame – the men who service the ambition of women or the women ?

May be it would be better if we built nothing at all!


At 2:31 AM, Peter O’Neill said…

You are so right. We men built this nonphysical world in which women can, for the first time in history, be economically independent from men. We receive in return nothing but womens’ contempt. Remember that we can always destroy what we built.

The below passage is a quote from a posting on a different website (from Paul in Norwich). He puts it better than I ever could, except that I believe we are on the verge of a real gender war. And women will lose. Men control the military, police and most of the guns. Despite womens’ desire for revenge for perceived past injustices, we will not lie down like dogs for their feminazi ends.

Paul from Norwich says:

“The comment that “women have had to endure prejudice and oppression for thousands of years” is typical of the illogical arguments used by feminists to justify the unjustifiable – that women should have special privileges and perks simply because of their gender. No, women have not been oppressed. They have been protected (by men who have fought horrific wars for them); watched over (by men who fill all the emergency services); housed (by men who have built all the homes you can see the length and breadth of the country); provided for (by men who have worked all the hours God sends them); fed (by men who have transformed the land into farms); cosseted (by men who have invented all manner of machines and made discoveries to make women’s lives easier); educated (by men who have developed all the great disciplines and schools of learning); entertained (by men who have invented devices such as TVs, radios and computers); given power over their own bodies (by men who have led the way in medicine, contraception and obstetrics – we gave women the pill too, remember); and of course, simply loved (by men who have made endless sacrifices for them). You see, it has really always been a woman’s world. But if they just don’t appreciate any of it, and figure that being taken from hiding in caves and cowering from wild animals to living safe, well-fed and pampered existences at men’s expense has been a journey not of privilege but of oppression and suffering, well that’s just too sad for words. So perhaps we really should reverse the roles for a change.”


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