Women not ladies, say civil service

20 October 2005

Don’t call ladies ladies


Council workers were stunned, and many offended, when they received an email warning them to mind their language. In a list of unacceptable terms, girls, elderly, pet and love appeared next to words already widely recognised as being offensive, racist or homophobic.

Typical political correctness in the civil service.

They eventually toned down their insistence that people avoid “offensive” terms (like “girls”) and to be honest I agree with their demands that women should not be referred to as “ladies”, because let’s face it, few women are ladylike these days. Note that they didn’t really withdraw their PC Language enforcement, merely accepted that some words were more “unacceptable” than most.

However, what stood out in the article was the job description of some woman in the council: Corporate Equalities Manager.

Is it possible to imagine a job title for a more pointless, stupid, waste-of-taxpayers-money position? I doubt if any man would ever be given the chance to hold that post, given that equality means discriminating against men these days.

Why don’t they just have a position in every civil service office called Socialist Liberal Ideology Enforcement Commander? They might as well be honest about their facism.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:32 PM

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