Work damn you!


27 November 2005

Of the many lies feminism spewed forth from it’s flatulent collective vent is that Jobs Are Fun.

That’s what feminists insisted. Work, they claimed, was a real hoot, where you get to chin-wag with other powerful people, have lunch at fancy restaurants, smoke a big fat cigar with your colleagues after getting a client’s signature on a contract and, best of all, make a fortune!

Why on Earth, raged feminists, should men have all this fun, eh? Those vile patriarchal bastards, living it up at work whilst us women are slaving at way doing housework!

Of course, women, having bought into this, are now realising it is complete and utter bollocks.

Work is not fun. It’s crap. For starters, most men do not have careers, they have jobs. Boring ones that are just a means to an end; wages. Furthermore, they needed these wages to support their families, not so they could live a life of luxury as women were deluded into thinking.

Even men with careers do not enjoy what they do for a living. They regard their daily grind with either contempt, boredom or, at best, apathy. Even guys who look enthusiastic at work still only regard it as a means to an end. The reason a big executive is so happy when he has concluded a huge deal with a client is not because it means more work, it’s because the great big bonus he is anticipating may let him retire early and not have to bother with any more 60+ hours of work a week. There are some men who genuinely enjoy their work, who are lucky enough to be paid to do what they enjoy – footballers, astronauts, writers, etc – but they are very few and far between.

Yet off women went to work, demanding entry to the workplace (even though they were never actually kept out) and the ‘right’ to have jobs and careers. Well, they got them.

Of course, women did not really want jobs. Boring, mind-numbing jobs. They were for men. Likewise with the jobs that entailed hard work and danger, like construction work. No, they only wanted careers in nice comfy offices.

Now they are well and truly finding out how crap work is. They’re discovering how fucking boring it is to dictate a letter to an equally bored secretary, to listen to the complaints of annoying customers, to spend hours of your working week stuck in traffic on the way to the office, to try and sound enthusiastic about some stupid product you couldn’t give a fuck about in order to sell it.

A lot of women know this. They are well aware of how crap jobs are and are hoping to go back to being housewives, wanting to do a bit of housework (far easier these days thanks to inventions by men, such as washing machines, dishwashers, etc) and watch daytime television, quitting their careers (which they hate) so they can become a ‘lady of leisure’. Most women know full well us men hate our jobs too, but these women still think that us men should carry on with our labours so they can quit their own despised jobs (whilst claiming to be ‘sacrificing’ their careers to make it out as if they’re doing us a favour!)

Sorry, tough shit ladies. Your entry to the workplace is irreversible. With the workforce doubled (because women wanted to work but not to have to support a family; meaning they still expected men to toil away at work as well) wages went down. It’s an employer’s market out there. Why bother hiring a guy who demands £17,000 a year because he has a wife and kids to support when you can get some young woman who will do it for £14,000 a year because all she has to support is herself and her lust for new handbags and shoes? Besides, with the feminist-sponsored Equal Opportunities Commission threatening to punish anyone who doesn’t hire enough women (regardless of whether they are qualified for the job) employers have to ensure they hire and promote plenty of women over men to ensure they don’t get fined and hit with discrimination lawsuits, thus further diminishing the number of men wealthy enough to support a family on their income alone.

Thanks to feminism resulting in the marriage strike and driving an expanding wedge between the sexes, more and more people live alone, meaning house prices are rocketing, especially in the UK. It’s virtually impossible for a single person with an average salary to get on the property ladder. So women will have to continue working even if they get married, unless they are willing to have a small house and cut back on luxuries like foreign holidays and an extra car, something few women are willing to do.

Another thing many women are realising is how having a career is no substitute for a family. They are so fucking miserable at work. There’s a childless never-married woman in my office; she’s an executive type, mid-thirties, probably earns £50,000 a year, has her own house, nice car, nice clothes…but is so clearly unhappy. She mooches about, never smiling, often complaining about there being “no good men left” (i.e. ones rich enough to support her so can retire) and looks desperately broody whenever a female colleague comes into the office to show off a new baby. Career Chick has clearly realised that she has missed the boat, that the few guys who are willing to get married do not want a 35-year-old sour faced career woman who, whilst still reasonably pretty, has a wrinkle or two already appearing on her forehead, a rapidly widening bottom and a biological clock that is clearly shrieking constantly in her head “T-Minus three-years and counting!“. Maybe a young slacker type might like to shack up with her and appreciate her (and her money) but career women do not want men they’ll have to support; they still want to marry up, to get a guy richer than them so they can retire to the sofa. Her chances of finding Mr Right are low, and furthermore no Mr Right will think she is Miss Right.

I can’t stand working either, its boring, but being a man I know that there is no alternative. Whether us men stay single or get married, we know we have to work full-time. That gives us a realistic outlook on life, the knowledge that going to work each day is what is required unless we win the lottery. Women, on the other hand, were duped into thinking working was great, but are realising it is not. More importantly they know that previous generations of women – those supposedly “poor slaves of the Patriarchy” who were “just deceived into liking housework” – were genuinely happier being housewives and mothers, but those days are long gone and aren’t coming back. Thanks to the marriage strike, many women are finding that landing a husband is as unlikely as winning the lottery, and so off they go to work each day, miserable and lonely.

So when I go to work tomorrow, I’ll sit and snigger at the thirty-something career chicks as they trudge miserably to work. You asked for it ladies. You got it. Don’t expect fucking sympathy either. You’ll get as much sympathy from me as you gave to us men when your feminist sisters demonized us, set out to destroy marriage and the family and tore up a system that worked well for everyone. Now you can damn well live in the resulting wreckage with us men who, amusingly, are coping better than you.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 6:51 PM

At 3:11 PM, Anonymous said…

Excellent analysis, and spot on. I have come to the same conclusion about the housing market in the US.

People will pay as much as they can possibly afford to live in their dream house and area. That means double working households will be able to outbid single working households. The result is a steady, and irreversible, rise in house prices This is all due to one thing: feminism.

Isn’t it fascinating how social policy can so strongly affect economics? This was – and is – the feminists plan; a total discombobulation of society without any thought as to how such changes affect individual happiness or long-term social stability. The ends, to feminists (like all totalitarians before them), justify the means!


At 9:26 PM, Anonymous said…

Not as simple as that. You need to place the corrupt banking system in the equation which helps inflate prices thought they claim otherwise. You got it worse in the US with the Federal Reserve.

Just one point: There is one good reason to go to work if you are a woman: claim sexual harresement, sue the company for a fortune. At the same time a poor guy loses his hand gets peanuts by comparison, and is also unable to work.

Did you read the case about the women who successfully sued a German car company (I think) for some small sum. It was a discrimination lawsuits because the car company had a a safety policy that only people above a certain height (5ft6″ I think) can work on the factory.. it seemed that height limitation discriminated against women because most women are shorter than that. I can’t wait for the pygmy lawsuit.

Justice system in the UK sucks.


At 10:12 AM, Dennis B said…

I’m in the US and just discovered your blog. Excellent writing — and this is coming from someone who works for one of the country’s top papers. You make some great points in this post — esp. in regards to how women have painted themselves in a corner and are now stuck with the “woking life.”

Allow me to add one thing: The same way that women’s bodies are not meant for the football field, I’ve notice they may not be meant for the office grind, which has a subtle-but-taxing effect on the body. I constantly see women with back problems, carpel tunnel, etc. walking around miserable — and these things are chronic, not like the aches guys get that go away with Motrin. I’d like to see this addressed in the newspaper!


At 3:56 AM, Verlch said…

Canadian Spot on…

AS that is the only place I’ve heard that.

Good article man, keep up the good work.

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