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07 December 2005

Six-hour-old twins found abandoned

So some woman gave birth and, within six-hours, had dumped them in a cardboard box in the outdoors. Between 6 and 9 in the morning. In fucking December.

So she’s in a lot of trouble then? She’s going to be the subject of a manhunt, womanhunt, womynhunt then? Full force of the law and all that?

No. Softly-softly does it. Lots of sympathy for this whore who was quite prepared to let her two newborns die in the freezing cold.

Det Insp Vicki Stephenson said she had seen the babies and they are beautiful.

“I would urge the mother to come and see exactly how they are,” she said…”I would like to talk to her, not just as a police officer but as someone concerned about her welfare.

Yeah, it must so traumatizing, dumping your kids because you’re too fucking lazy to look after them. Shit, the only way that’ll effect the mother’s welfare is by making her lose out on a couple of big Single Mother Welfare handouts.

“It is not necessarily a criminal matter.”

Obviously it’s not a criminal matter.

Well, technically it is, it’s child neglect, but we are talking about a woman here, and women are not to be ever held responsible for their actions.

It might turn out, of course, that maybe the father had a hand in this. Perhaps he even forced the mother to dump the kids. You never know. But if that is the case, that the responsibility genuinely lies with a man, then you can be fucking certain that it’ll immediately be upgraded to a “criminal matter.”

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