Conservatives want more women

06 December 2005

David Cameron new Conservative leader

The Conservatives, in trying to be all compassionate and politically correct, and Labour, in trying to be less overtly socialist, are as alike as the Republicans and Democrats often appear to be sometimes. At a push I prefer the Conservatives over the PC twats in Labour (with Blair’s Bloody Babes, all the feminists he helped into power at the 1997 election) and the ultra-PC twats in the Liberal Democrats (who want women-only candidate shortlists to ensure the political landscape is even more dominated by women’s bloody issues.)

However, I’m not at all hopeful for David Cameron who said in his victory speech:

We will change the way we look. Nine out of ten Conservative MPs are white men. We need to change the scandalous under-representation of women in the Conservative party and we will do that.

Right. By kicking men out and bringing in less qualified/unelected women. Great, you’ll turn the Tories into New Labour but with all the gurning femnag bitches wearing blue rosettes instead of red ones.

No more grumbling about modern Britain.

As long as there are feminists, as long as there is anti-male bias in all our institutions and media, as long as there are feminist slime guiding government policies, there’ll be a fucking hell of a lot more grumbling!

I live in a world as it is not how it was.

So do I. It’s fucking shit, ‘aint it?


Of course, its possible he was just spouting bullshit to keep the femtards happy, but probably not. I mean, this guy looks like a bit of a mangina to me.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 10:15 PM


At 12:45 AM, CaptDMO said…

“We will change the way we look. Nine out of ten Conservative MPs are white men. We need to change the scandalous under-representation of women in the Conservative party and we will do that.”

I guess he believes its important to have a strong showing with Iraq. 😉
(It’s a juvenile phonetic thing)


At 4:22 AM, rafael699 said…

Depressing, I’m thinking “mangina” as well.

Odd how the last real man to run the UK was Margaret Thatcher… Now, she had brass balls.


At 6:43 AM, Maximus said…

Good write up Duncan.

I couldn’t help but have a chuckle looking at the stark contrasts between the images of the Tory faggot and the one below of Oliver Reed, the man.

It’s bleedingly obvious which one is the male and which one is the female.


At 9:32 AM, Anonymous said…

Yes I agree Cameron does make one sick. But I also have to make a wider point. It is this. I read on the internet how the Men’s Movement is growing in strength, however, when you see what is actually happening at the centres of power it is hard to see this. Cameron may well be next Prime Minister. Add to this the possibility that Hillary Clinton may well be the next President of the USA and I don’t think things are looking good. What I am trying to say is that there are real problem and the situation may be desperate. I don’t know what can be done – do you?


At 10:07 AM, Slaytan said…

“I don’t know what can be done – do you?”

Yes. We must take action!



At 10:16 AM, ntk said…

I’m not from the UK, but I can say that if Cameron wanted to, say, pack the entire Party with Thatcher clones, I would be more than amenable to that.

(Personality clashes notwithstanding…)


At 11:27 AM, The Phantom said…

Maybe what is needed is a ‘Party for Men’, or a ‘Masculist Party’. Some people who are prepared to stand up for election on a rights for men platform. They might get some votes in a secret ballot, even in this feminist world.


At 11:38 AM, Maximus said…

You down in the dumpsters – bah – what can be done with you?

By all means express your frustrations and vent your angers on good sites like this, but until you take your speech to the streets, tell the politicians your views coherently, jump on the media daily for sexist transgressions, complain, complain, complain to the outside world, nothing will happen.

The trouble with good sites like this is that they become squats for the disenfranchised. These sites are for information only. They inform you of the injustices being done just as good media does. It’s not the role of sites like this to fight your battles for you.

You must become men and fight your own battles in the real world. If you do this, you will win.

If you don’t, you will lose. It’s all as simple as that.


At 1:39 PM, The Phantom said…

Dear Maximus,

What a load of crap.

Screw you.


At 2:43 PM, Slaytan said…

Duncan, here’s something fresh… to boost up your blood pressure!!!


At 3:25 PM, Anonymous said…

Another comment from anonymous. Maximus may be correct but it is difficult to see what will be effective. I write as one who has done all the usual things. I have even been on street demonstrations. I wont list as this debate should not become as sort of ‘holier than thou’ catechism. Deride me if you wish but it won’t help.

The point might be that it appears very difficult to get men to do any sort of action. There are a lot of problems. Cameron is after all a man but clearly does not think like we do. So when we speak of men it is difficult to know who we mean. That said I think there is a larger resistance than you might think. Recently I heard that 300000 men had vanished so that they could not be traced by the Child Support Agency. I don’t for one minute suppose that many of them were activists but this sort of awkward squad none co-operation does undermine the system. By the way it was Mrs. Thatcher who initiated the Child Support Agency which is something to bear in mind when giving her fulsome praise. On the other hand men disappearing into the black economy is a pretty desperate solution – a kind of going into exile.

It could of course be Maximus that complaining is sufficient action for most people. By this I would deduce that they are annoyed, even very annoyed, but not materially effected. Of course there may come a time when they will be very much affected but by then it will be too late. I admire the Eternal Bachelor. But in a sense he has avoided the main pitfall and is in fact the lucky one. Not marrying can leave one largely unscathed by feminism. I know there can still be a lot of discrimination for the Eternal Bachelor to overcome but as a man I know he is up to it. Only marriage leaves you pinned down and virtually helpless.

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