Poor brainwashed suicide bombing bitch


03 December 2005

Belgium woman converts to Islam then blows up self and five others

There was a report on this suicide bomber on ITV News yesterday. It was typical femborg bullshit reporting, with the suicide bomber constantly referred to as a ‘girl’ even though she was 38 and married. No doubt this was to imply that she was just some poor foolish young dear, corrupted by evil men, and was really as pure and as innocent as all women are.

The woman doing the report concluded by solemnly asking “How many more girls are out there being groomed for suicide missions?” as if women – despite being strong and independent of course – are just as helpless and as naive as likkle children, and only do bad things when men corrupt and brainwash them.

We don’t want to go blaming women for anything bad, do we?

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 9:48 AM
At 7:40 PM, Slaytan said…

Oh yes, this reminds me of the infamous attack at the Beslan School and the massacre of children which followed there. There were several women among the attackers. And media was full of “What made those women do that?”. When a woman does it, something made her do it, when a man does it, he’s just evil.

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