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07 December 2005


Gather around the campfire, fellow men, and I shall tell thee a matrimonial horror story that will make you scream and have nightmares. A story that will make you want to avoid saying “I do” the way a barefoot marathon runner avoids dogshit.

This information was supplied by a man at work, whose wife’s brother is going through – to use something of an understatement – “a messy divorce.”

This guy, my colleague’s wife’s brother, had been with a girlfriend for three-years. They had a baby together. He proposed a week after they found out they were about to become parents and their wedding took place a month after their son was born.

They are now divorced.

They had a row. That was it. An argument. Wifey filed for divorce. Hubby is ruined. I mean, totally ruined.

The marriage lasted less than 24-hours.

They had a great big wedding. Vicars, bridesmaids, speeches, cakes and “more flowers than a gangster’s funeral” according to my colleague, proving himself more articulate in the employment of metaphors than one might have expected from an accountant.

They did not have a honeymoon because they had a one-month old son to take care of. After the wedding, the happy couple went home. An argument took place. “Fuck knows what the fuck the argument was about,” said my colleague with a shrug, proving himself more articulate in the employment of profanity than one might have expected from an accountant, “but it was a big bastard of an argument anyway.”

Wifey said she wanted a divorce. Hubby laughed and decided to let her cool off. He went to a friend’s house to stay the night, hardly able to believe he was spending his wedding night round a mate’s. He went home the next day, around lunchtime, for a kiss-and-make-up, only to find out wifey had changed the locks on the doors.

War was declared. By her. She said she would call the police if the poor hero of this tragedy did not fuck off, so he fucked off, hardly able to believe what was happening.

“So what happened?” I pressed my colleague, knowing full-well that, despite having lots of work to do, I should wring every detail I could from him regarding this sorry story in order to post it on my blog and whip up men worldwide into fury, “What happened then? Stop fiddling with that calculator you git, what,” continued I, frothing slightly at the mouth, “happened?”

He continued by explaining that his brother-in-law was effectively thrown out of his own house when his wife took out an injunction against him because he had “been threatening” to her. We may not have the VAWA in Britain, but unofficially we have the same thing; woman says her husband is threatening towards her and hubby is thrown out the house.

So the poor guy has to go and stay with a friend. In the next fucking city in fact, because the injunction actually prevents him from entering the same city his wife is living in. So he loses his job too of course because he can’t enter the city his place of employment is in. He is penniless and sleeping on a mate’s sofa.

Incidentally, he owned the house for ten-years before his wife even moved in, three-years before the wedding. It had a 25-year mortgage so he had paid off over a third of it before his wife even moved in, and he had paid off over half of it by the time of their 24-hour long marriage, yet she’s got it. She’s living in it, with her own locks on the door and almost certain to get it in the upcoming divorce settlement. Ex-hubby will no doubt have to pay the mortgage on it too, when he finds another job anyway. Then there’s child support to be extorted from him too.

This guy, my colleague’s poor brother-in-law, may be evoking sympathy from you at this moment in time, on account of him being homeless. But fear not, he is not totally homeless. No, he has a nice warm and comfy bed and a roof over his head. Sadly it is in prison.

The poor beleaguered bastard came to the city he was banned from coming too – thanks to his wife making false allegations of domestic violence against him – to try and reason with her, to see if they can patch things up. For their baby son at least.

She was having none of it. She refused to let him into the house and when he banged on the door she called the police. Two cops turn up. The homeless, jobless, totally-fucked-off husband is told by these two policemen that he will be arrested if he does not leave the city as soon as possible. The thoroughly-annoyed husband, probably seeing his wife grinning from the window of the house that he paid for as she watches this scenario, snaps and thumps one of the cops in the face.

He is grabbed, wrestled to the ground, handcuffed and arrested for breaching the injunction and assaulting a policeman. He’s got no job, so he’s got no cash, so he’s got no bail.

Of course, you might possibly think it was stupid of him to punch a policeman, but lets face it, the poor guy was having everything he had worked for – his baby son, his house, his furniture, his job, his dignity – stripped from him by his wife-of-one-day out of her sheer fucking spite, and this copper represented the very legal system that was eagerly doing this to him. No man with any pride left would have resisted the urge to smack one of the fucking cops in the face.

So, anyway, to reiterate; he had a girlfriend, he had a son with her, they got married, she divorced him the day after their wedding, he has lost the home whose mortgage he had half paid, he has lost his job, he has lost access to his baby son, he has lost all his furniture and most of his belongings except a few clothes and, thanks to lashing out against a representative of the “justice” system that allowed his wife to do all this to him in revenge for some petty argument, he is now going to be spending Christmas behind bars.

Poor guy.

Anyway, brothers, depart for your warm comfy beds and try not to let this tale give you too many nightmares.

Stay single, stay safe, stay happy.

Remember that the terms “financial security” and “wife” are mutually incompatible.


posted by Duncan Idaho @ 9:23 PM


At 11:11 PM, rafael699 said…

Excellent post, excellent! I think any vestige of romantic feeling for women is now gone.

I wonder when those robotic women become available…. That’s the only type I’d let into my house.


At 12:15 AM, Anonymous said…

In olden times in all major religions (Judaism, Christianity & Islam) had great divorce laws. Either none was allowed or a more convenient is it falls on the man.. see the old ones were more enlightened than us: the wisdom is women are emotional wrecks on normal situations.. so God forbid when you marry a bitch that has the law to bend you over.

Personally I don’t blame the guy… can’t he get a defence that he was an emotional wreck. I mean a “woman” can kill her husband and get away with it. All he did was punch another bloke who happens to be in uniform. Even worse the cop might be an evil white man so he had it coming anyway.

Is this fake? It has to be.. I can’t believe anyone can be this unlucky. Come on the law can’t be on the women’s side. It has only be 24hrs, so how the heck can she claim domestic violence.



At 12:23 AM, Anonymous said…

The law can’t be on a woman’s side?

The law IS the woman’s side, I’m afraid.

In fact, think of Judge Dredd saying “I AM THE LAW” and now think of him as a big scary bulldyke feminist bitch saying “I AM THE LAW.” That’s reality im afraid.


At 12:45 AM, Anonymous said…

Women are completely in charge. The only men that think this story is abnormal are the ones who haven’t been victimized yet. My ex walked away from our marriage with $65,000 of my money. She never worked a day in ten years. When I asked for the money back, she threatened abuse charges.

This is happening to a LOT of men. Believe it.


At 12:54 AM, Anonymous said…

55% of the population is women. 50% of men are feminized bitches. All of law enforcement is a servant to feminist dogma. The West deserves to fall.


At 3:49 AM, Trescius said…

This proves that society has no sanity or rationality left. They were married for 24 HOURS one small argument and the guy is fucked in the worst way and he isn’t even divorced yet its just impending.

Out of curiosity how does one get banned from a city. What happened to 100 to 300 yard restraining orders?

If I ever get so lucky I’m living out the rest of my days in the woods providing for myself ALONE.


At 3:55 AM, Trescius said…

I just thought of something, if you can get this to the poor man please do Duncan. Tell him not to get a divorce but to get the marriage annulled. IANAL but the marriage wasn’t consummated depending on the laws over in the UK he could get the marriage to be considered as never having happened, save him a whole lot of hurt (except the assaulting a peace officer).


At 9:46 AM, Anonymous said…

Man strives in everything for a direct domination over things, either by comprehending or by subduing them. But woman is everywhere and always relegated to a merely indirect domination, which is achieved by means of man, who is consequently the only thing she has to dominate directly. Thus it lies in the nature of women to regard everything simply as a means of capturing a man, and their interest in anything else is only simulated, is no more than a detour, i.e. amounts to coquetry and mimicry.
Arthur Schopenhauer: Über die Weiber


At 5:52 PM, Anonymous said…

Nice Quote of Arthur Schopenhauer.. pure gold.

My issue is the marriage has only been 24hrs.. I know men are getting screwed but it can’t be this obvious. I mean banning from a City.. a whole city. That doesn’t add up. Livelihood is gone… it just way too screwed up. I didn’t know we had this bad in the UK.

If it is that bad one is tempted to have a sex change and become a women and then screw every man for everything. Heck I can make a living while lying on my fat arse. “I want to be a woman. From now on, I want you all to call me Loretta”.. in truth I always fancied the names Sarah or Tania.

Maybe you should advice the annulling of the marriage like trescius mentioned. This is not a “woman” worth batching up with. He gave it a shot and got screwed.. now it is time for war. Defend himself before he loses everything.. seek a lawyer and screw her up. The child is done for anyway.. I know it may sound cruel, but growing up with an immoral cow like that…

If you are a man of wealth move your assets abroad into Swiss accounts.



At 6:14 PM, Duncan Idaho said…

I spoke to my colleague today about it. The banned from a whole city bit did sound odd but that’s what he insisted. Incidentally the husband does have a criminal record, he was done for a couple of football-hooligan related assaults a while ago. That’s probably why he was denied bail (I thought at first he was unable to pay it, but my colleague got his facts mixed up, the guy was just not offered bail due to his past troubles.)

Anyway, the law is always going to be on the side of women nowadays. The law is there to protect the weak and innocent from the strong and cruel. Feminists have spent several decades insisting that women are always weak and innocent (even when criminals) and that men are always strong and cruel. Although its not (yet) illegal to be a man the law is now, by default, there to primarily protect women first and foremost.

In the UK common-law couples (those living together for more than a year) are virtually treated as married couples when they split up. So the fact that the marriage only lasted 24-hours is largely irrelevent; they lived together for three-years and have a kid, so even if they’d not made it down the aisle before breaking up, the guy would be as screwed as he is now.

I’ll keep you updated anyway.


At 12:35 AM, Trescius said…

Well like I said not a lawyer. I do hope he gets a good one though, even common law that wasn’t right.


At 3:05 AM, Anti Misandry said…

a sickening read – truly sickening.


At 6:08 AM, ntk said…

The whole point of her getting married and pregnant was to maximise her claim on his assets. That’s all she got “married” for. In these cases it is my apprehension that the mothers plot with the daughters to accomplish this.


At 12:32 AM, Peter O’Neill said…

Mothers train their daughters how to “deal” with men. Sisters train sisters. Friends train and support friends. On how to “get” a man. On how to “train” a man. On how to emasculate a man. On how to destroy a man’s confidence and how to isolate him from his friends. And, finally, on how to eviscerate him emotionally and financially through the “family” courts.

And yet for years all we men have heard from women is how we are expected to be in favor of womens’ rights (for the sake of our daughters, sisters, wives and mothers, apparently . . .).

Interesting how Western women hate men but expect men to love them and cater to their every need.

Fuck em and leave em. That’s the only prescription for modern chicks. They deserve nothing less.


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