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11 December 2005

Male Talk, UK

More and more anti-feminist sites and blogs crop up each week! Great stuff.

Feminists and their mangina lackeys have managed to take hold of most other mediums, especially television, so let’s ensure we non-pussified anti-feminist men dominate the internet.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 12:24 PM

At 10:50 PM, Rob Layton said…

Thanks for the link Duncan, it is most appreciated. All power to your blog bro.
Its great I have been aware for you for a while now, I wish you well .
Rob Layton
(Male Talk)
PS. Are you in Cheshire ?


At 10:37 PM, Duncan Idaho said…

I’m in Greater Manchester, not too far off.


At 10:54 AM, Rob Layton said…

We will have to arrange a convention bro.
You and I can turn up.
LOL ..
You have a great blog Duncan..If you have anything I could publish on my blog for you I would be proud to.
Rob Layton.


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