Artificial gossip


04 February 2006


Reality television, trashy magazines full of gossip about celebrities and endless soap operas are aimed primarily at women, and their recent rise and evident popularity is linked to women’s increasing alienation thanks to feminism shoving them into the work place.

Generally speaking females have a natural desire to know and learn about personal interaction and other people’s relationships and feelings. This is in contrast to the male’s natural attraction to objects, systems and tales of risk-taking and adventure. That’s why little girls play with dolls and boys play with toy trucks. Given some paper and pencils, a girl will invariably draw people, whilst a boy will draw a skyscraper or a car.

This is why women watch programmes like Big Brother and Coronation Street whilst men watch programmes like Top Gear and How Nuclear Bombs Work.

The rise of reality television and the seemingly endless supply of new soap operas that crop up, together with Chick Flicks and gossip magazines, are filling the void feminism created in women’s lives in the movements desire to get women to act and live like men. I notice it at work the way the women always ask each other “any gossip?” and they all get excited if someone mentions something even vaguely gossip worthy. They interrogate each other about relationships. The same information about someone’s recent pregnancy or engagement or break-up gets picked over and analysed for months.


In generations past, before they were told to go on the pill, regard men with mistrust and loathing and get into the workplace, women would satisfy their desire for interaction and gossip by chattering over the garden fence with the woman next door whilst they hung out their kid’s clothes on the washing line. These days they stand around water coolers in dreary offices moaning that the photocopier is jammed again.

Previously, women could chat to their husbands when he came home from work about what they got up to during the day. Nowadays career girls often come home to an empty apartment and talk to their cats, usually having to hold the mewling little bastards down whilst the poor feline tries desperately to escape the barrage of banality.

Previously, women would know other women in the neighbourhood through their children, exchanging domestic tips and gossip with each other as they wait outside the schoolgates. Now childless career girls often only know other career girls at the office, and as they are competing for the same promotions, jobs and men, they are often incredibly bitchy with one another.

So, into this void comes all the reality television and celebrity ‘news’ programmes and magazines. They give the women feminism has created – lonely, childless, stressed out spinsters – something to gossip about.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 10:52 AM

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