Asda weddings


23 January 2006


The Metro newspaper today reports that the supermarket chain Asda are now selling a bridal budget collection, featuring wedding dresses from around £60, wedding cakes for £25 and so on.

What is most interesting is the opening paragraph to the article:

Next time your girlfriend pops down to Asda for some milk and bread, be afraid…be very afraid. She could easily come back with a wedding dress.

As facetious as she may be, this journo reveals at how it is virtually taken for granted that men don’t want to get married, that we run for the hills when girlfriends start talking about weddings.

A lot of women don’t know exactly why though. Rather than blame the way feminism has taught women to become entitlement princesses who make terrible wife-material, and the anti-male bias in divorce courts, many women still cling to the idea that we’re “afraid of commitment” (even though we never seemed to be afraid of commitment before feminism came along.) Still, at least they are fully aware of our reluctance to walk down the aisle. The real reasons why they are there for them to find if they deign to shut up for a moment and listen to us men rather than try and nag us down the aisle.

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