Council tax to rise for Scots thanks to feminists


24 January 2006


Scottish council tax to rise to compensate oppressed womyn

Ignoring the fact that women get paid less because they work less, or take long career breaks or just insist on having hours that suit them and not their employees, Scottish councils are to compensate women civil servants over half-a-billion pounds in back-payments after establishing some nice womyn-friendly pay structure, all on the basis of the old womyn-get-paid-less-than-men rubbish that feminists have trotted out constantly for half-a-century.

Scotland’s 32 councils have told Holyrood they face a compensation bill of up to £560m for implementing an equal pay agreement.

Councils said the bills could impact on efforts to keep tax rises down.

Some councils have been estimating that it will add more than £80 a year to the average council tax bill.

Council tax, for non-UK readers, is an annual tax us Brits are obliged to pay to the local authorities as a fee for basically living in British society. It takes into account where you live, but not your salary. My bill is £750 a year and if you are even slightly late paying you will be told by a stern letter that the money can be taken direct from your pay-packet, or baliffs will rob your possessions and/or you will be thrown in prison. Nice eh? Council tax supposedly pays for local services, but most of it is gobbled up by the red-tape and female/feminist dominated civil service and council workers, and in fact it was recently discovered that a quarter of council tax fees are swallowed up solely to pay for the ultra-generous big fat public service pensions (public sector workers are allowed to retire at 60, whilst it’s 65 for everyone else, soon to be raised to 68.)

Council tax goes up each year, usually by more than the inflation level, but now it seems the poor Scots will be facing another £80 or so on their bill to pay up for all these greedy women to get their hands on more and more money. Do they deserve it? Like fuck do they.

I worked in the civil service for six-months not long after I left Uni. It’s a female-dominated place because, not having any competition and no incentive to be efficient, and with seemingly a limitless supply of taxpayers money to rob when and if needed, it is where women can get their lovely subsidised female-friendly workplace. Seriously, the women I worked with made great use of the right to stay at home if junior was ill. One senior woman once cleared off on Monday lunchtime after her kiddy had been sent home from school ill. We didn’t see her until the next Monday. They would use their flexible working hours rights to come in late and go home early. They would do fuck all work when they were in too. The female head of the department was being paid more than £40K a year and yet her main duties seemed to be performing pointless appraisals with the staff and generally sitting in her office thinking of new ways to spend the budget. We also once had the Equal Opportunities Commission come in for a seminar. Out of 27 people in our office, 23 were women, but the EOC officers – two big fat scary bitches with goatie beards – actually kept straight faces as they stood before an 85% female workforce and explained how women were discriminated against heavily in the civil service.

So that’s why they didn’t get paid equal salaries. Just as is the case in the private sector, they often don’t pull their weight, insist on flexible hours, take long career breaks, maternity leave, lots of time off when they’re sick and more time off when their kids are sick. Yet the EOC have succesfully forced equal pay for these unproductive civil servants and now the Scottish Public will have to pay with rise of up to £80 to their council tax bill, which will work out as about a 10% increase.

I’m optimistic though. As feminism and its out-of-control, money-guzzling activities and demands start to eat ever more into the public purse, more and more people will finally decide it’s enough. Time for smaller governments, less civil servants and time to pay people – in the public and private sectors – what they damn well earn, not what some man-hating feminist with no concept of life in the real world, accountability or budgets just says they’re entitled to.

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