Equal Opportunities Commission II


05 January 2006

The Menopausal Men-Hating Communist Commission Equal Opportunities Commission are moaning and blithering on yet again (moan, blither) about how terrible women seem to have it these days

I’ve sent them an e-mail trying to cluebat them a bit, or at the very least annoy them.

To: info@eoc.org.uk

Dear Sirs;

I have read with the usual mix of despair and amusement the latest report to come out of your offices regarding how the most pampered of all demographics – women – are apparently having a really hard time in the workplace.

Allow me, as someone who lives outside the comfortable taxpayer-funded feminist-run world of the Equal Opportunities Commission, to point out a few things:

1. Women generally do not attain senior positions because many do not not put the required time and effort in. The fact that you demand employers be forced to give women flexible working hours that suit them and not their employer makes it clear you accept this. Outside the civil service there is this thing called Competition; if your employees don’t turn up until 10AM and go home at 3PM because they had to make the school run, or don’t turn up at all because Junior is ill, then clients will go elsewhere.

2. You claim that somehow we are losing out on valuable skills by not hiring women. How did you work that out? Aside from the fact that women CHOOSE to drop out of the work force, surely if you start forcing private companies to hire women over men (regardless of qualifications) then surely we will be missing out the valuable skills of men.

3. You claim to be fighting sexism, yet then make blatantly sexist suggestions such as forcing companies to hire women over men.

4. In a capitalist economy like we have, companies hire employees who are the most profitable; if women are so valuable to the workforce then how come they need so much help in the form of positive discrimination?

5. Why don’t you mention – let alone care – the fact that women dominate in many areas, such as the civil service, teaching profession, Equal Opportunities Commissions, nursing, etc. Any plans to put forward some positive discrimination my way, or, being a white-male, am I of no concern? You could at least be honest and admit that you only care about women, and occasionally non-white men.

6. Given that the Scottish birthrate is the lowest since records began (source) is trying to shoe-horn women into careers rather than motherhood very wise? You talk of it taking 20 – 40 years for true equality to take place in the UK, but there isn’t going to be much of a country left by then with a plummeting birth-rate.

As a tax-payer, and therefore someone who unwillingly pays to keep anti-male organisations like yours around, it would be nice if you could come up with some explanations, at least before I do what an increasing number of men are doing; emigrating.


Duncan Idaho

On the off-chance I’ll get a reply, I’ll post it here and at the CT4M Forum.

Incidentally, the nearest Equal Opportunities Commission office to me is the one in Manchester. It is located in this building:


Clad in piss-yellow tiles like a crumbling gent’s convenience, and considered the low-point in Mancunian architecture, this building has often been described as “the tallest public toilet in Britain.” It is quite appropriate, therefore, that the Equal Opportunities Commission are based there as seen as they are completely full of shit.

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