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29 December 2005

Should sex equality laws be modernised? asks the BBC, in respect of a demand from the Equal Opportunities Commission and its hysterical whining that there are still cases of wicked, wicked employers hiring hard-working qualified men over lazy unqualified women.

A flick through some of the replies show that, contrary to what feminists may like to think in their insulated little world of lesbian poetry and unwashed dildos, those who despise feminism and realise its disgusting lies and appalling effects on society are rather numerous. Very few people seem to react positively to yet more screeching from feminists and other aspects of Socialism, despite the British government’s desperate attempts to force socialism/feminism down our throats.

A selection of the replies from the BBC site:

If men were given equal rights to the care of children, perhaps this country’s young will grow up better behaved. Wendy Simpson

I agree, it’s about time that the law is changed. I am a white heterosexual male and have been discriminated against several times. Try joining the Metropolitan Police?


Equality is fine in principle but problems arise when people decide they want equality when it suits. This applies to sex and racial equality.

You don’t see many women demanding that they get their pensions at 65 do you?


I think it’s just another part of this crazy compensation-culture that woman should be paid when they’re off for pregnancy, businesses may not be able to afford it so they have to sack you! Have kids when you can afford it. The pay gap is not acceptable though.

radio head

The Equal Opportunites Commission should be ‘modernised’ -that’s Pete Todd spin for banned- along with the campaign for racial equality, the Child Support Agency and anything else connected to ‘human rights’ laws or any of the multitude of quangos this government has brought in.

Peter Todd

My experience at work is not positive. I work in a 24×7 computer department. We have had one female worker. She did not like arriving or leaving after dark, so she did not want to do the evening or night shift. This was granted. She was female so she could not reload the printers or distribute the reports, let a man do it. – Granted. She did not want to work weekends because it took time away from her children – Granted. This left her working 08:00 to 16:00 Monday to Friday and she still wanted to claim shift pay. Not Granted. She went to court. She lost, eventually, but it cost time and money to defend the action. Once bitten, twice shy! None of the guys want another woman co-worker!

Anthony Giles

There’s still some sad manginas and whining cunts of course, like this cunt:

I read all the UK papers and I have been horrified by the UK’s attitude toward women in general. Yes, indeed, I certainly hope for all the females in your country, young and old, that you begin treating women with the respect they deserve.


Hahaha! Women? In need of being treated with respect? For fucks sake, all our government gives a fuck about is women. They get respect, taxpayers money and the Prime Minister’s thrashing tongue up their brown-eyes every election time, whilst us men get told to get back to work and continue subsidising this rather unproductive gender that is supposedly our equal. Every television programme and advert shows women as utterly perfect and men as stupid clumsy dolts. Then there’s that new limp-wristed Conservative leader, David Cameron, and his twittering speech the other month: “There are not enough women in our party, oh my gosh, I’m going to faint! Someone, hold my handbag!!” Twat.

In my view, the Commission For Ensuring Women Get Privileged Treatment – or Equal Opportunities Commission as it is laughably know as – should be closed down and all those who work for it shoved against a wall and riddled with bullets.

Fucking bunch of arse-biscuits, the lot of ’em.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 9:26 PM

At 5:16 PM, Everywoman said…

All comments must be approved by the author? I guess I’m taking a long shot by even writing one.

I don’t know what things are like in the UK, but here in America, women are out-doing men in various fields. There are more qualified women entering college, and many colleges and universities are actually practicing affirmative action for MEN. No, you didn’t hear wrong–white males are now getting a “leg up,” so to speak.

Given that most women didn’t receive the same kind of education men did, and given that most people still think women are less fit for math and science (though at my own university, there are actually more women in the sciences), I find this statistic ironic. Privileged cunts? I’d say hard-working, intelligent modern women.

And I think I speak for quite a few people when I say that terms like “cunt” are disrespectful and that all humans deserve some level of respect.


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