F4J to hit the big-screen


20 January 2006

The Fathers 4 Justice film

So, Hollywood has apparently decided the Father’s 4 Justice saga will make a good movie.

I can’t help but feel a tiny bit cynical and have visions of all the F4J guys portrayed as evil baddies who, in the end, are shamed (or just beaten up) by some female undercover cop. But it appears they have the backing and input of F4J’s founder, and will also:

“…tell how Fathers 4 Justice was hijacked by an extremist element, infiltrated by undercover police SO19 specialist firearms branch and exposed by a journalist masquerading as a group member.”

The fact that F4J were infiltrated by those doing the anti-male feminist’s work and any extremist elements were just a tiny (and probably non-existent) minority would run contrary to impression The Sun (spit), Labour politicians, The Guardian and feminists would like to give.

Hopefully it’ll turn out great and show the F4J as the great guys they are, and with a bit of luck by then there will be more light shed on the very likely suggestions that the recent claims of F4J plotting to kidnap Blair’s son are complete bollocks cooked up by Labour.

Could you imagine just five-years ago a movie – a positive one, no less – about Men’s Rights Activists being contemplated? This will give more publicity to anti-feminism, it’ll inspire more guys who despise feminism and anti-male bias in Western societies to hunt for any like-minded anti-feminists on the internet and bring them to sites and blogs like this.

I hope feminists are beginning to shit themselves.

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