Feminists = plummeting birth rate


24 January 2006


The national statistics on fertility show that the birthrate in the UK in 2004 is 1.77. As we all know, 2.1 is the birthrate required to keep the population at just the same level.

What is most significant about the above chart is that the birthrate plummeted in the 1960s when good ‘ol feminism turned up and told women that having babies was equal to being oppressed by the evil patriarchy and that crappy jobs were much better and more fulfilling than raising a family.

Around one in five women currently reaching the end of their fertile life are childless. This compares to one in ten women born in the mid-1940s.

Fortunately, in the dry language of the statistics website, there’s no male-bashing thrown in, but we all know what women will conclude; “Waaagh, those nasty men are afraid of commitment and won’t marry us and have kids with us, that bastards, sob sob.” As opposed to the fact that men have no rights when it comes to having a say in whether their kids are aborted, have little chance of custody when wifey decides to get a divorce, but are forced to cough up Child Support which is little more than mummy support. Not to mention the fact that many of these stupid women bought into feminism and thus only decided to try and find a husband and have kids at about the same time their fertile years ended.


Seriously, this will get worse. A full 20% of women are freaking out as the alarm on their biological clocks start buzzing and they have no kids. Yikes! “It’s men’s fault!” they will scream, foam pouring from their menopausal lips. That 20% figure will only rise as us sensible men continue to avoid having children with the monstrous entitlement princesses women have become.

Get ready for estrogen meltdown! And don’t forget to laugh either. Ha ha! Lap up those side-effects of feminism ladies! Lap it up, the way your cats lap up milk in the kitchen of your lonely one-bedroom apartment. Har har!

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